Jessica Bell MPP, University–Rosedale

Government of Ontario

"Devastating loss:” Families impacted by west-end daycare closure join Bell, NDP call for more childcare spaces

Published on January 19, 2024

TORONTO – Official Opposition NDP MPP Jessica Bell (University—Rosedale) joined families impacted by the closure of a west-end childcare facility today to call for more childcare and daycare options to be made available as province grapples with shortage.

“This goes to show how dire the situation is for families across Ontario,” said Bell while standing with parents who are losing childcare spots after Carmelite announced their closure. “Closing one facility is now going to leave 175 families with the impossible task of finding a spot for their child amidst a childcare shortage. This is unacceptable.”

Bell called on Ford’s Conservatives to step in.

“The Premier needs to start having conversations with local daycare and school boards to expand childcare. It’s time to revise the funding formula because it simply isn’t working. There are spaces, but not enough workers, because these facilities are not getting enough money to recruit and retain childcare workers. This will have a massive domino effect on our society. We need urgent action.”


Kathleen Killin, Carmelite parent

“Facilities in the area are all full. There are no spots left, especially for infant care. Majority of us are full-time workers and it will put families in an impossible situation. We have fallen through the cracks.”

Liz McLaughlin, Carmelite parent

“We are in an impossible position. My husband and I are both nurses. We can work because of access to childcare services. Losing access to care will make it impossible for one of us to continue working. We are specialized nurses; but losing childcare in our neighbourhood means we have to consider leaving our work or moving elsewhere and losing our specializations. What choice do we have?”