Jessica Bell MPP, University–Rosedale

Government of Ontario

Act Now: Have your say on the Ontario Line

Published on January 22, 2019

Transit riders have spent years waiting for fast, reliable, and affordable new transit.

Last year, Premier Doug Ford stole Toronto’s right to plan its own transit lines and scrapped the sensible, shovel-ready Relief Line for his privatized Ontario Line – a plan that is little more than lines on a map. 

Now, the Ford Government and Metrolinx are hosting four consultation sessions on the proposed Ontario Line.

We need to build transit in Toronto, and it has to be built right, and built now.

That is why we are calling on Doug Ford to:

  • Build transit without delay;
  • Commit to keeping transit in public hands, and not sell off our system to big business;
  • Ensure riders pay only one flat fare to ride the TTC and the Ontario Line;
  • Listen to and respect all municipal, community, and residents’ concerns; and,
  • Expand the underground section of the line to include the route from Pape and Danforth to south of Eastern Avenue.

Fill out the info below to send your message to Premier Doug Ford, Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney, and Metrolinx.