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October 20, 2021

Enhanced vaccine receipts are here

Enhanced Vaccine Receipts are now available to everyone from Your proof of vaccination will now include a QR code that businesses can scan using the Verify On... More
October 19, 2021

Tell us about class sizes in your school

If you’re concerned about class sizes at your school and want to help advocate to keep schools safe and open, fill out the survey below!
October 19, 2021

NDP bill would stop landlords from jacking up rent between tenants

TORONTO — NDP MPPs Bhutila Karpoche (Parkdale-High Park), Jessica Bell (University-Rosedale), Joel Harden (Ottawa Centre) and Terence Kernaghan (London North Centre) have introduced a bill to stabi... More
October 7, 2021

Roundtable for condo dwellers October 21

Ontario’s condo dwellers deserve to have rights and protections so they can live good lives in well-maintained homes. To achieve this goal, we need legal and regulatory change.  The Minister of Go... More
October 7, 2021

MPP urges Ombudsman to investigate online LTB failings

TORONTO — Ontario NDP critic for Housing Jessica Bell (University—Rosedale) is urging the Ontario Ombudsman to investigate whether the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) is meeting its duty to provide... More
October 6, 2021

Toronto MPPs urge Ford to restore municipal authority on construction noise

TORONTO – NDP MPPs for Toronto Suze Morrison (Toronto Centre), Jessica Bell (University-Rosedale), Bhutila Karpoche (Parkdale-High Park), Faisal Hassan (York South-Weston), Peter Tabuns (Toronto-Da... More
October 1, 2021

ACT NOW: Support the Rent Stabilization Act!

Toronto has a housing affordability crisis. People are sleeping in parks. Families have to wait up to a decade to move into community housing. Rent is too expensive. And only the richest 5% of inco... More
September 23, 2021

Four Lessons from the Federal Election

Canada’s 44th election is over. The election cost $660 million, and we got the same results as before, give or take a few seats. The Liberals got the minority they deserved.    Despite the status q... More
August 23, 2021

现在就采取行动: 要求九月大家能安全地重返校园

在新冠疫情期间, 安省学校在加拿大所有省份中关闭了最长的时间. 今年, 我们不能再经历一年的学校关闭, 学习中断, 或是艰难的远距或在校/网上混合教学模式. 孩子们应得到更好的学习环境. 我们可以给他们小班制﹅更安全的校园, 提供更多帮助让每一个人都可以安全地重返校园﹅重回学习正轨︒ 我们要团结一致, 要求政府更重视教育. 填写下列的表格, 您将可以向省长福特, 安省教育厅厅长莱切, 以及代... More
August 23, 2021

ACT NOW: Demand safe schools for September!

During the pandemic, Ontarians have experienced the longest school closures in Canada. We can’t afford another year of disruptions, closures, or painful remote and hybrid learning.  Kids deserve be... More
July 30, 2021

Surgery wait times: we want to hear from you!

Throughout the pandemic my office heard from so many constituents who had to delay lifesaving procedures, from dialysis to lung cancer treatments. For many, these wait times are a matter of life a... More
July 30, 2021

Addressing food insecurity: a conversation with Paul Taylor

Hunger is a growing issue in our city and our country. Our office organizes food drives to address the immediate need of making sure people can feed their families. Throughout the pandemic I have h... More