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Government of Ontario

Updates and Information for Constituents


I send out regular dedicated updates on what we are doing at Queen’s Park and in the community. You can sign up to receive these emails by clicking here.

Here are the recent updates that were sent, as well as a summary of their contents:

Tuesday, June 11 - Update

  • Kensington Market’s Anshei Minsk Synagogue has been vandalized
  • Grassy Narrows sues Ontario and Canada for failing to address mercury contamination
  • Islamophobia, Anti-Arab and Anti-Palestinian racism is rising in Ontario
  • Every overdose death is a preventable human tragedy
  • Electric vehicles are the future, but we are not yet EV-ready
  • Survey: The City’s Chinatown Planning Study needs to hear from you
  • FYI - Income Supports Workshop in Cantonese at the Ralph Thornton Community Centre
    Happy Pride University–Rosedale! 


Saturday, June 1 - Update

  • Fourplexes versus sprawl: this is what happened in committee on bill 185
  • Thousands rally to protect public healthcare at Queen’s Park
  • Positive changes are coming to the Condo Authority Tribunal
  • Toronto reports 523 opioid overdose deaths in 2023
  • ICYMI: My housing chat with B.C. Housing Minister is available online
  • ON privacy watchdog will issue a special report on the government's Greenbelt scandal
  • Feedback: New government Bill 200, Homeowner Protection Act, 2024 bans NOSIs
  • June is Bike Month
  • Walk for Lupus on July 20 at Ramsden Park


Friday, May 17 - Update

Queen's Park:

  • Reminder: Let's Talk Housing with B.C. Housing Minister Ravi Kahlon
  • Ontario’s flimsy renter protections are leaving tenants locked out and left behind
  • No tenant should risk eviction because their landlord fails to pay their tax bill
  • Children deserve a home, not a hotel


  • Let’s call for an accessible transit service for all
  • Support Kensington Market Community Land Trust’s bond campaign
  • Grassy Narrows solidarity meeting on May 22
  • Action Alert from More Neighbours Toronto: Small Apartments and Townhomes on Major Streets
  • Toronto Outdoor Picture Show is back all summer long at a park near you!
  • Walk for the CAWS on June 15


Saturday, May 10 - Update

Queen’s Park:

  • Our bill to bring cheaper fares and better service for UP Express riders
  • Update: Parents, students, and teachers hold a walk-in at Kensington Community School to demand better school funding
  • ACORN demands action as Ontario rents are out of control
  • Bill 166 will not help colleges and universities make student life safer
  • Feedback requested: Ontario government introduces new workers' bill
  • Join ACTRA Toronto’s We Rise Up Rally at Queen's Park on May 13
  • Seniors for Climate Action will rally at Queen’s Park on May 17


  • Don’t Mess with the Don community clean-up
  • New climate project funding available
  • Registration is open for Gutsy Walk


Tuesday, April 30 - Update

  • Reminder: We’re hosting a town hall to help tenants challenge AGIs 
  • All political leaders call for the lifting of the Keffiyeh ban at Queen’s Park
  • We can’t solve homelessness without investing in affordable housing
  • NDP and Wilmot farmers fight back after Region of Waterloo plans to expropriate prime farmland
  • Greenbelt grab update: why are those closest to the Premier lying under oath?
  • Nature Walk for the Ontario Science Centre


Monday, April 22 - Update

  • We’re hosting a town hall to help tenants challenge AGIs
  • It's time for affordable co-ownership housing
  • Have your say: Conservative housing Bill 185 is headed to committee
  • The TDSB is facing a major funding shortfall
  • We demand justice for Lydia and survivors of sexual assault in Ontario
  • Happy Passover University-Rosedale!


Friday, April 12 - Update

  • We call for AG probe into hefty patient fees at private clinics
  • Conservatives say 'yes' to our Intimate Partner Violence Act, 2024
  • Could you be eligible for a rent reduction? Here’s how to find out.
  • Recap: Online Townhall Education Update
  • South Rosedale clean up
  • PARA clean-up


Monday, April 8 - Update

  • Join our Education Town Hall this Tuesday
  • Recap: Chinese Healthcare Community Roundtable
  • ICYMI: Here’s what happened at the Budget Breakdown Town Hall
  • Volunteer at our next Tenant Meet & Greet 
  • Join the Bay-Cloverhill Community for the Mayor’s Clean Up on April 20 
  • Tips for staying safe during the solar eclipse


Thursday, March 28 - Update

  • Sign up for our education update on April 9
  • Ford likes sprawl, not density
  • Ford must fix his affordable housing action plan by Friday, or we all miss out
  • Join No Demovictions' rally for renter protections on April 2


Monday, March 25 - Update

  • Draft budget warns major cutbacks are coming to the TDSB
  • Four things you can do to help public education
  • Why aren't the Conservatives building affordable homes near transit?
  • NDP proposes health care solution that could help millions find care
  • The family doctor shortage in Chinatown remains critical
  • We uncovered Ford's plan to pave Lake Ontario


Tuesday, March 12 - Update

  • Fix the affordable child care program so we can stay
  • Conservatives skirt accountability by using ‘code words’ when planning their Greenbelt grab
  • New FAO report shows the Conservatives are hoarding billions
  • Why aren't landlords getting big fines for illegal evictions?
  • Conservatives vote No to Bill 42, the Gender Affirming Care Bill
  • Mimico community left waiting for transit and homes a decade later
  • NDP urges province to make Hwy. 407 toll-free for trucks
  • Thank you for joining our Energy and Affordability town hall
  • New NDP Affordable Energy Act promises more affordable, sustainable energy
  • Local issue: Help Avenue Road Food Bank provide support as food insecurity climbs


Friday, March 1 - Update

  • Join our Online Townhall to protect your pocketbook and our climate
  • New Conservative bill wants us to give $1 billion to Enbridge Gas
  • Feedback requested: New government Bill 166, Strengthening Accountability and Student Act
  • Not one developer has been able to build an affordable or attainable home under the Conservatives’ program
  • Partisan judicial appoints threaten Ontario’s democracy
  • I rally with University of Toronto workers


Monday, February 26 - Update

  • RSVP: Town hall discussion on energy, climate and affordability March 6
  • New government bill doubles down on highways and sprawl
  • Case backlog soars at the Landlord and Tenant Board
  • Parents need accessible, affordable child care
  • I met with faith leaders to learn more about the work they do for our communities
  • The fight continues to save the Ontario Science Centre
  • Local issue: Roof repair scam on the rise


Saturday, February 17 - Update

  • RSVP to our tenant town hall on February 20 
  • Bill 124 appeal ruling is a win for workers 
  • Why are the Conservatives letting UBER pay its workers less than minimum wage?
  • You can request a free tenant guide 
  • We must support our public health care workers
  • One fare for one trip is coming to the GTHA
  • I stand in solidarity with U of T workers
  • Celebrating Lunar New Year in University-Rosedale 
  • Have your say: the city is developing a new Action Plan for Toronto’s Culture Sector
  • You can register your rent
  • Join the Zero Waste Pilot program


Monday, February 5 - Update

  • What's in this year’s city budget


Tuesday, January 29 - Update

  • Ontario pre-budget consultations are in full swing 
  • Here’s the latest on the Toronto City Council budget
  • Families left in the lurch after beloved child care centre announces it’s closing
  • The Conservatives need to fix the looming family doc shortage in Chinatown
  • Premier Ford knew more about the Greenbelt plan than he is letting on 
  • The Conservatives try to squash legal challenge to protect Ontario Place
  • Why are some ServiceOntario outlets closing and moving to Big-Box Stores? 


Tuesday, December 12 - Update

  • Six things you need to know about the Auditor General’s annual report
  • Short-term rentals harm housing affordability, what are the Conservatives doing to help?
  • It’s time for a moratorium on demolishing purpose-built rentals
  • Dissolving Peel Region would be a mistake
  • Ontario Health Coalition report finds alarming increase to emergency room and hospital closures
  • Ontario should be leading on climate action


Monday, December 4 - Update


  • You’re invited to our End of Year Party!
  • When tenants come together, we get things done
  • Update: Delroy is finally getting his home back!
  • Applications are open for the Racialized and Indigenous Supports for Entrepreneurs grant program

Queen’s Park:

  • I join the Day of Action for Child Care
  • School Board Trustees raise education concerns at Queen’s Park
  • New report says 1 in ten Torontonians rely on food banks to survive
  • Send in your request to appear for pre-budget consultations
  • New Conservative bill to fast-track Ontario Place development
  • The fight for universal contraception access doesn’t end here
  • Housing advocates demand a plan to end homelessness
  • Minister of housing shoots down municipalities request for help
  • Ontario is short 300,000 affordable one-bedroom homes
  • Ford’s climate failure projected to cost Ontarians billions
  • Conservatives say no to safer roads in Ontario
  • Feedback requested: new government bill the Enhancing Access to Justice Act, 2023
  • Feedback requested: new government bill the Building Infrastructure Safely Act, 2023


Sunday, November 19 - Update

  • Join us for a Tenant Social on November 29
  • Feedback request: Government introduces Bill 150, reversing forced municipal boundary changes
  • Feedback requested: New government Bill 149, Working for Workers Four Act, 2023
  • Feedback requested: New government Bill 151, Improving Real Estate Management Act, 2023
  • Here’s what you learned in committee about the Government’s Affordable Housing Bill 134
  • Take action: Our Road Safety Bill goes to vote on Monday
  • New report: 2.2 million Ontarians don’t have access to primary care
  • Ontario is paying for-profit clinics more funding per surgery than hospitals
  • Why is the Ford government delaying inclusionary zoning in Toronto?
  • Ford’s MZOs aren’t delivering on the promise to build homes
  • City of Toronto budget consultations have begun
  • You can participate in the City of Toronto micro-mobility survey
  • The City wants your input on its cycling network
  • November is Women Abuse Prevention Month and Family Violence Prevention Month
  • Accepting applications: Funding for Net-Zero program


Wednesday, November 1 - Update

  • Nominate someone in University–Rosedale for a community award
  • Conservative’s abandon their plan to expand urban boundaries
  • Conservative’s latest housing bill 134 is going to committee
  • We have a plan to get the province back in the business of building housing
  • Conservative’s finally introduce bill to return lands to the Greenbelt
  • Ontario needs safe and affordable student housing
  • Homes are for people first, tourists second
  • NDP solution would improve care by stopping private nursing agencies’ price gouging, staff poaching
  • Ontario is looking at giving midwives the power to prescribe more medications, but does it go far enough?
  • Feedback requested: New government bill Better for Consumers, Better for Businesses Act
  • I join No Demovictions Toronto to call on Ford to protect affordable housing
  • NDP raises questions about Ontario Place’s publicly funded parking garage
  • You can register your rent
  • The Canadian Association for Girls in Science is recruiting volunteers


Thursday, October 12 - Update

  • The RCMP is investigating Ford’s Greenbelt Grab
  • Auditor General confirms investigation into Conservatives’ questionable use of MZOs
  • The City of Toronto is looking for your feedback on its short-term rental bylaws
  • The City of Toronto is hosting a Small Business Forum on October 30
  • Participate in the Avenue Road Study to make the Road safer
  • The Flu/COVID XBB vaccine is rolling out


Friday, October 6 - Update

  • Conservatives aren’t enforcing rental laws 
  • I joined the “No Demovictions” rally for tenant rights
  • We are in a climate crisis and action on clean energy can’t wait
  • Update: Ford’s forced urban expansion won’t benefit Ontarians
  • New report shows Ford is underspending on health care 
  • Feedback requested: new government bill “Convenient Care at Home Act” 
  • Sign the Save the Science Centre online petition
  • Reminder: Join TDSB Trustee Deborah William’s forum on School Community Safety October 19


Thursday, September 28 - Update

  • Feedback requested: new government housing bill “Affordable Homes and Good Jobs Act, 2023”
  • Feedback requested: new government transit bill “Transportation for the Future Act, 2023”
  • Sprawl won’t solve Ontario’s housing affordability crisis 
  • Ontarians say no to health care privatization 
  • I stand in solidarity with First Nations 
  • Participate in the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on September 30 
  • Ontario must crackdown on illegal short-term rentals
  • Join us for a rally to stop demovictions on October 2 
  • Participate in the City of Toronto’s Major Streets Study 
  • Join TDSB Trustee Deborah William’s forum on School Community Safety October 19 


Friday, September 8 - Update

  • Student Housing Forum
  • Sisters face a $7,000 rent increase!
  • Anti-hate Security and Prevention Grant Deadline
  • Upcoming events


Wednesday, August 16 - Update 

  • TONIGHT: Commemorating the 90th Anniversary of the Christie Pits Riot 
  • Is it time for commercial rent control? Join our Small Business Forum on August 28
  • Ontario has a short-term rental problem, and it’s getting worse
  • Metro workers on strike against unfair wages
  • ACT NOW: Say NO to polluting gas plants
  • It’s time for sensible energy choices
  • Update: Continuing the fight for shelter and refugee funding


Friday, July 14 - Update

  • Refugee housing crisis requires solutions from all levels of government
  • Take Action: Tenants of 30 Charles St need our support
  • Property taxes must be fair
  • Our Fairness for Road Users Act moves one step closer to reality
  • Developers refuse to cooperate with Auditor General’s investigation into Greenbelt Grab
  • It’s time to get tough on bad developers who take advantage of homebuyers
  • The Toronto Outdoor Picture Show is back at Christie Pits
  • Participate in ACORN's Extreme Heat survey


Tuesday, June 13 - Update

  • Family’s forced removal prompts renewed call for illegal short-term rental crackdown
  • I introduced motion calling for developers to help pay for new schools and repairs
  • Join the “Child care is worth more” day of action on June 20
  • You can take action to help stop the sprawl
  • Are the Conservatives planning to open more of the Greenbelt?
  • Toronto needs Ontario’s help to move shelter residents into permanent homes 
  • Register for our "Lower Bills, Better Service" public consultation on affordable and accessible telecom in Ontario 
  • We introduced legislation to ban fracking in Ontario 
  • We introduced legislation to hold fossil fuel companies accountable in court 
  • Conservatives renew plans for gas-fired power plants, including at the Port Lands in Toronto
  • I reintroduce law to keep Mount Pleasant Cemetery in public hands
  • Celebrating Pride Month in University-Rosedale
  • Support Climate Justice Toronto’s campaign "The Right to Remain Cool"'
  • GreenPAC is seeking youth representatives across Canada


Monday, May 29 - Update

  • TAKE ACTION: Stop the Sprawl virtual rally and town hall on Wednesday, May 31 at 7 pm
  • Bill 97 fails to do the right thing for renters, first-time home buyers, and farmers
  • No one can afford a double-digit rent increase 
  • Are you experiencing a problem in your condo? 
  • We rally in support of an Ontario Place for all!
  • Rally for Injured Workers on June 1
  • Disability Without Poverty action on June 2
  • Three June planting events with Rewilders
  • Are you a young person interested in environmental action?


Monday, May 15 - Update

  • City of Toronto says Bill 97 stands to threaten tenant rights
  • Update: Helping Homebuyers, Protecting Tenants moves through committee
  • Take Action: ACORN phone blitz to demand stronger renter protections May 17
  • Ombudsman’s report on LTB delays is scathing
  • Conservatives pass bill 60, paving the way for two-tier health care
  • Toronto council says multiplexes can be built citywide
  • Participate in Ontario Place consultations until May 19
  • Join us for an Ontario Place Birthday Celebration and Rally!
  • New security grant to help groups respond to hate crimes
  • May is Jewish Heritage Month
  • Toronto Nature Stewards - new site opening at Severn Creek Park!


Tuesday, May 2 - Update

  • Join our online condo town hall on Monday, May 8
  • Ontario Place should be for everyone
  • Speak in committee: Ford’s illegal eviction laws are too weak 
  • Ottawa not receiving its fair share of funding to prevent homelessness
  • Rent in Toronto has passed the $3000 a-month mark, a record high
  • Apply to become a Legislative Page by June 15
  • Participate in a local event recognizing Asian heritage month 


Friday, April 21 - Update

  • Two important updates that affect our kid's education
  • More sprawl is not the answer to housing affordability
  • Fourplex debate at City Hall on April 27
  • NDP calls for investments in Ontario’s arts, culture, and heritage sector
  • Standing in solidarity with PSAC workers
  • Take action: Join us at an upcoming event or rally
  • Come join us for a dim sum social this Saturday
  • Date change: HVRA spring clean up is now on April 23
  • Applications are open for the Speaker's Book Award
  • Funds are available to host a local clean-up event


Wednesday, April 12 - Update

  • Ford government orders more municipalities to expand their urban boundaries
  • Bill 23 is killing Peel’s affordable housing plan
  • Toronto’s rental replacement bylaw is at risk
  • Ford rejects NDP plan to make transit more accessible
  • TTC riders deserve safe, affordable and reliable transit 
  • NDP urges legal protections for drag shows


Monday, March 27 - Update

  • Ford's budget doesn’t deliver for Toronto, Ontario
  • Why are tenants waiting twice as long as landlords for an LTB decision?
  • Act now: Stop the cuts to healthcare for uninsured people in Ontario
  • Join us for a U of T Roundtable


Wednesday, March 22 - Update

  • Now’s our chance to push for affordable housing in the budget
  • Ontario must do more to stop bad developers holding homes for ransom
  • NDP caucus welcomes new MPP Sarah Jama
  • Update: Feds to probe Ford’s ‘Greenbelt Grab’ 
  • Feedback requested: What are your thoughts on Ford’s latest labour bill?
  • FAO report shows Ford is short changing Ontarians on healthcare 
  • More kids are waiting longer for Autism support under Ford
  • School boards face looming staff and funding cuts
  • Reminder: Ward 10 Forum with TDSB Trustee Deborah Williams tonight
  • To mark World Water Day I reintroduce my bill to stop microfibres from entering our waterways
  • I bring my motion to better protect condo dwellers to second reading
  • Resources for finding licensed retirement homes in your community


Monday, February 27 - Update

  • Thanks for attending our rally for public health care
  • Why are operating rooms in Toronto sitting idle?
  • Report: Condo residents need stronger consumer protections
  • Thank you for supporting the Coldest Night of the Year!
  • Ford votes down NDP bill to protect human rights in an emergency
  • Stop harmful sprawl, protect farmland


Tuesday, February 2 - Update

  • Health care rally - Say 'no' to a two-tier system
  • Stop harmful sprawl, protect farmland
  • Short-term rentals hurt housing affordability
  • ACT NOW: Help Delroy and Caitlin return to their homes
  • Have you been charged user fees for health care?
  • Automated Speed Enforcement cameras make roads safer for all users
  • Update: Committee votes to make Midtown Yonge Complete Street pilot project permanent
  • The Common Table needs our help
  • We’re hiring a temporary full-time casework and outreach manager 


Wednesday, January 11 - Update


  • Have your say in Toronto’s 2023 budget
  • Get involved in the Ontario Place for All campaign
  • Join me at TDSB Trustee Deborah Williams's upcoming Ward 10 School Forum on January 12
  • Support Street Haven’s Coldest Night of the Year
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training available for small businesses in University–Rosedale

Queen's Park:

  • Reminder to participate in provincial pre-budget hearings


Monday, December 12 - Update

  • I introduce motions to stop sprawl and build more homes in existing neighbourhoods
  • I join a rally to demand Ford fix the state of hospitals
  • It’s time to give the condo tribunal the authority to resolve the disputes that matter
  • Ontario needs a plan to address the growing homelessness crisis
  • NDP report urges Ford to double social assistance rates
  • Support my bill to stop illegal evictions
  • Support my bill to stop illegal evictions Minister Clark won’t support tenants threatened by eviction for using window AC units
  • Participate in pre-budget committee hearings


Friday, December 2 - Update

Queen’s Park:

  • Did the Ford government give developers a heads-up before carving up some of the Greenbelt?
  • ACTION ALERT: Hands off the Greenbelt rally Saturday, December 3
  • Bill 23 passes, despite harming municipalities, affordability, and the environment
  • We shouldn’t have to use a bank card to pay for basic health care
  • Victory for Ontario workers: court overrules Ford’s Bill 124
  • AG report reveals Ford’s inaction on flooding risks, vaccine inequity and so much more
  • NDP bill to strengthen penalties for dangerous driving passes second reading 


  • Last chance to register: Annex community tenant meeting on Saturday, December 3
  • Are you owed a Small Business Property Tax break?
  • Help us save the Don Valley Park


Friday, November 25 - Update

  • Ontario needs a plan to address the growing homelessness crisis
  • I call on Doug Ford to bring back rent control
  • Here’s the latest on Bill 23
  • TAKE ACTION: Protect Toronto’s green building standards 
  • Annex community tenant meeting December 3


Monday, November 21 - Update

  • Ford government continues to ignore crisis in pediatric hospitals
  • Ontario reaches tentative agreement with CUPE education workers
  • Ford’s bill 39 an affront to democracy
  • NDP calls on Ford to drop  $400-a-day financial threat to alternate level of care patients
  • Motion to prepare our health system for climate change is voted down


Friday, November 4 - Update

Queen’s Park: 

  • It's our home. It's important to us

Participate in an upcoming event:

  • Town hall on the health care crisis on November 9
  • Roundtable for condo dwellers on November 10
  • Vulnerable Road Users Lobby Day on November 16
  • Date change: Annex community tenant lunch on December 3


  • PARAs Fall Clean Up Day - Nov 6 1-3 pm


Tuesday, November 1 - Update

Participate in an upcoming event:

  • Town hall on the health care crisis on November 9
  • Roundtable for condo dwellers on November 10
  • Vulnerable Road Users Lobby Day on November 16
  • Date change: Annex community tenant lunch on December 3 

Queen’s Park:

  • New Ford bill violates education workers’ charter-rights 
  • What you need to know about Ford’s Housing Bill 23
  • Clawing back renter protections will only make housing affordability worse
  • Take action to get more funding for SickKids 
  • Government cuts renewable energy contract with Ontario, doubles down on fossil fuels


  • Walk or roll more safely with WalkRollMap
  • PARAs Fall Clean Up Day - Nov 6 1-3 pm 
  • Hello from the Legislative Page Program!


Tuesday, October 18 - Update

Participate in an upcoming event:

  • Town hall on the health care crisis on November 9
  • Roundtable for condo dwellers on November 10
  • Annex community tenant lunch on November 20

Queen’s Park:

  • I join housing advocates calling on Ford to deliver on inclusionary zoning
  • Ford government puts child care deal in jeopardy
  • Families are on edge as Bill 7 comes into force
  • Now is the time to increase renewable energy, not fossil gas
  • Autism help still not reaching kids who need it most 


  • Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Jean Lumb Awards
  • EcoFair Toronto is back on November 6


Saturday, September 17 - Update

Queen’s Park:

  • Join us for an education forum to improve schools on September 28
  • We asked Minister Fullerton to join us on our social assistance diet in Question Period
  • University–Rosedale tenants join me in calling for strong rent control law
  • BC’s speculation and vacancy tax turned thousands of empty units into homes
  • New details on Ford’s Bill 107, denying elderly patient rights

Action Now:

  • Reminder: Rally for migrant rights on September 18 
  • Reminder: Take part in the Global Climate Strike on September 23 
  • Workers need your help to fix EI before September 24
  • Harvest Walk to Stop Highway 413 on October 1


  • Everyone 18+ can book an Omicron variant booster vaccine
  • Learn your housing rights with the Federation of Metro Tenants’ Associations
  • Come celebrate the Annex Residents Association corn fest this Sunday
  • Participate in the UniRose AGM on September 27


Monday, September 6 - Update

Queen’s Park:

  • Cruel bill denying elderly patient rights passes
  • Renters need protection from extreme heat inside their homes
  • Ford’s failure to act on opioids crisis is costing lives
  • Strong Mayors, More Homes will be voted on this week


  • Rally for migrant rights on September 18 at Christie Pits Park
  • Join us at the Climate Strike on September 23
  • Seniors assistance home maintenance program
  • Women of courage project


Friday, August 19 - Update 

  • Human rights commission supports NDP call to protect tenant access to AC
  • Government takes the Strong Mayors, More Homes bill to Committee
  • Government introduces bill to move patients out hospitals to long-term care homes
  • What happens if you buy a home that’s poorly built? Very little. 
  • I re-introduced my Anti-Money Laundering Housing Act
  • Celebrating Street Haven


Saturday, August 13 - Update

Queen’s Park

  • Here’s a summary of Ford’s 2022-2023 budget
  • Ford signals openness to more private delivery of health care
  • New Strong Mayors bill is a blow to democracy and civic engagement
  • Feedback requested: should buildings and condos be required to retrofit buildings to provide emergency power?


  • You can apply for an urban forestry grant until August 19


Tuesday, July 12 - Update

  • Help 11 Walmer Road residents get back into their apartments
  • ​​Join me at the Grassy Narrows River Run for environmental justice
  • NDP calls for urgent action as more ER closures hit communities
  • Ontario government announces new cabinet
  • TDSB budget indicates school cuts are coming
  • More climate pollution is not what Ontario needs
  • Garden suites permitted after Ontario Land Tribunal dismisses appeal
  • Some city pools now open 
  • Do you want to host a family from Ukraine?


Monday, July 4 - Update

  • Powerful pro-choice rally held at Queen's Park
  • Ford government greenlights 2.5% rent hike
  • Renters are being threatened with eviction for using AC
  • CMHC report calculates Ontario needs to build a lot more homes
  • Join me at the Acorn rally to stop renovictions


Wednesday, June 8 - Update

  • Thank you message from MPP-elect Jessica Bell


Friday, April 15 - Update

Queen’s Park 

  • Ontario expands eligibility requirements for fourth COVID-19 vaccine
  • Ford government’s latest housing bill won’t make housing affordable
  • Government passes the Pandemic Emergency Preparedness Act
  • New FAO report shows healthcare funding is the lowest per person
  • NDP vote against Ford’s gas tax scheme
  • Auditor General will investigate Ford’s $1-billion write-off to Highway 407 company
  •  I joined rally to change building code to protect birds
  • Why we wear pink on Pink Shirt Day 


  • Support for Ukrainian newcomers
  • Join PARA Green Committee for a community cleanup on April 24
  • Chithirai Puthandu Vazhthukkal! Happy Tamil New Year!


Tuesday, April 5 - Update

Queen’s Park 

  • New government housing bill fails to address affordability
  • Victory: Ontario increases tax on non-resident homebuyers
  • Victory: Ford makes 11th-hour child care deal 
  • Join me in calling on the Ford government to address the overdose crisis
  • Time to Scrap EQAO Testing and invest in classroom supports


  • Frontier college offering free online civics workshops


Friday, March 25 - Update

Queen’s Park 

  • NDP continues to push for a land registry to tackle fraud and money laundering in housing
  • Ford’s autism program is failing kids
  • We ask if sanctioned Russian oligarchs stand to make money off Ontario transit
  • Inaction on climate change is costing us dearly: new IPCC report
  • On World Water Day I reintroduce my bill to stop microfibers from entering our waterways
  • We take action: Businesses still waiting to receive promised government financial aid
  • Have your say: The Working for Workers Act Goes to Committee
  • Let’s get the Vulnerable Road Users Law approved before June 2
  • Ford government introduces bill giving police power to clear blockades


  • Join Free Grassy’s online rally with Adam Beach March 26
  • Meet more of our community award winners


Saturday, March 12 - Update

Queen’s Park 

  • Changes to COVID-19 public health mandates
  • Billion-dollar speculators cash in on the housing crisis
  • Ford’s province-backed housing task force isn’t interested in affordable homes
  • It’s time to properly fund health care in Ontario
  • Stop the clawback of Ontario Trillium Benefits from Toronto Community Housing tenants 
  • Ford’s Working for Workers Bill 88 makes working conditions worse
  • Victory: Ford backs down on deregulating traditional Chinese medicine in Bill 88
  • We introduce a bill to help internationally trained workers work in their field
  • Ford government stands in the way of combating Islamophobia
  • Antisemitism is on the rise in Ontario
  • FAO report shows Ford is failing to spend $5.5 billion on schools, health care, and more


  • Commercial rent control survey: we want to hear from you!
  • Meet some more of our community recognition award winners
  • Thank you for joining my telephone town hall
  • Save the date for a Global Climate Strike on March 25


Sunday, February 28 - Update

Queen’s Park 

  • What happened during our first week back to Queen’s Park 
  • Investments to clear surgery backlog urgently needed
  • Support NDP bill to end racism in Ontario schools
  • Is it time for commercial rent control? 


  • Congratulations to our community award winners! 
  • Join my virtual town hall on March 9 
  • UTGSU KnowYour Rights housing panel
  • Sign up for virtual tenant school 
  • Volunteer with us!


Friday, February 18 - Update

  • Ontario to end proof of vaccinations province-wide
  • Boosters open to youth 12+
  • The needs of students and workers on campus must come first
  • Justice for vulnerable road users hurt or killed on Ontario roads 
  • Reminder: It’s time to stop microplastics from entering Ontario waters
  • Volunteer with us!


Saturday, February 12 - Update

Queen's Park

  • Ontario declares state of emergency in response to convoy protests
  • Sign my open letter to Metrolinx and help protect the Don Valley
  • Ford should allow people to move into 59 modular homes for the homeless
  • Here’s my take on the Government’s Housing Task Force report, what’s yours?
  • After two years of advocacy, individuals without a license can renew OHIP cards online
  • Students, families still waiting for news on opting out of mandatory e-learning
  • It’s time to stop microplastics from entering Ontario waters


  • Final vote on City budget February 17
  • Demand a Safe Reopening from U of T on February 14
  • Join ACORN’s Phone Jam February 14 to put housing in the City’s budget
  • Volunteer with us!


Friday, February 4 - Update

  • What we know so far about the truck convoy headed for Toronto this weekend

Saturday, January 25 - Update - unavailable


Friday, January 14 - Update

  • Ontario schools reopen for in-person learning Monday
  • Our hospitals are struggling
  • Small business needs our help
  • Apply for the Ontario COVID-19 Small Business Relief Grant
  • The City of Toronto’s budget has been released
  • Education day of action tomorrow, January 15
  • Upcoming community zoom meetings on January 16 and February 6
  • Low barrier vaccine clinic for hospitality workers at Barberians
  • Volunteer with us!


Wednesday, January 5 - Update

  • Ontario temporarily moving to modified Step Two of COVID-19 measures
  • Ontario delays return to in-person learning until January 17
  • NDP calls for action to get kids back to school safely
  • Ontario's latest COVID-19 testing and isolation guidance
  • COVID-19 case reporting in child care centres suspended
  • COVID-19 vaccine resources
  • Ontario is offering fourth doses to long-term care residents and mandating third doses for staff
  • Ontario expanding the Ontario Business Costs Rebate Program
  • NDP calls for better small business support
  • Small business resources
  • Minimum Wage, Staycation Tax Credit & other changes coming to Ontario in 2022 
  • Legal Aid Ontario consultation
  • Request to participate in pre-budget consultations for 2022


Friday, December 17 - Update

Important COVID-19 updates:

  • New restrictions for businesses and indoor gathering
  • Booster doses
  • Pop-up rapid testing
  • New restrictions for long-term care and retirement homes
  • Ontario NDP calls for Omicron action package 
  • Holiday guidance

Queen's Park:

  • Ford close to implementing our request to strengthen speculation tax
  • We call for a plan to keep schools open
  • Feedback requested: how can we help small businesses survive?
  • Ford's rapid test distribution falling far short of need
  • Request to participate in pre-budget consultations for 2022


  • Holiday office closure
  • Stop industrial logging on Grassy Narrows Territory
  • Upcoming vaccine clinics for kids at Scadding Court and Cecil Community Centre


Saturday, December 11 - Update

Queen’s Park:

  • I introduce motion to give Condo Authority Tribunal authority to resolve more disputes that matter
  • I table Inclusionary Zoning motion to make developers build affordable homes everywhere
  • I introduce private member’s bill to keep Mount Pleasant Cemetery in public hands
  • Access to free rapid tests is essential
  • Parents in every province will see childcare costs drop in 20 days, except for Ontario
  • Volunteer with us 

Important COVID-19 updates:

  • Ontario expanding booster shots eligibility and modifying proof of vaccine system
  • New reports from the COVID-19 Science Advisory Table
  • Government puts a pause on lifting capacity limits  


  • Vaccine clinic for kids at Scadding Court Community Centre December 20
  • First Baptist Church Toronto hosts community Voucher Give-Away December 19 
  • Please support Knox Church’s community outreach
  • Toronto and Region Conservation Authority's PAIE accepting applications


Tuesday, December 7 - Update

Queen’s Park:

  • No violence on Wet’suwet’en territory
  • WSIB is failing injured workers 
  • Ford’s failure to act on opioids crisis is costing lives
  • Join my Vulnerable Road Users Law Roundtable this Thursday, December 9
  • An NDP government will deliver a living wage
  • Ford denies giving municipalities better say over cannabis store locations
  • Ford votes against housing affordability and my Rent Stabilization Act
  • Key findings from the latest Auditor General’s report
  • Ford again withholds billions meant for health, education, pandemic fighting


  • National Day Of Remembrance & Action On Violence Against Women
  • Want to do your part to slow climate change? 
  • Announcing Yue Moon 2022 - Workshops and Public Art Exhibition in Toronto’s Chinatown
  • Booster shot eligibility opens to 50 and up, and vaccine updates 
  • Team Toronto presents Toronto Kids Vaccine Day at Scotiabank Arena


Saturday, November 27 - Update

Queen’s Park:

  • Victory: My Vulnerable Road Users Law passes to second reading
  • Real Rent Control Bill goes to a vote on Monday
  • NDP and National Council of Canadian Muslims partner on bill to combat Islamophobia
  • OHIP-insured optometry services restored
  • Fight for paid sick days continues
  • Auditor General Tables Report on Ford’s Environmental Failures


  • Have a file with the LTB? You may need to take action to keep your file open
  • COVID-19 Vaccines & Children: A Webinar for Parents & Guardians
  • Ward​​ forum with TDSB Trustee Chris Moise on climate action 
  • Applications for OTF’s Resilient Communities Fund open until December 8
  • Welcome to Kensington Suya Bistro
  • University–Rosedale’s Dr Warren Rubenstein named Regional Family Physician of the Year
  • Happy Chanukah University–Rosedale!


Monday, November 22 - Update

Queen’s Park:

  • Join our affordable housing roundtable on Tuesday, November 23
  • Take action in support of road safety and the Vulnerable Road Users Law
  • I push the Ford government to make a fair child care deal now
  • I introduce a bill to ensure homes are for people first
  • Ford’s stalling on eyecare risks residents’ eye health
  • It’s time to stop microplastics from entering Ontario’s waters
  • NDP re-introduces bill to permanently raise PSW wages
  • We need justice for Grassy Narrows, not mining exploration

COVID-19 Updates:

  • Pause on reopening plans 
  • COVID-19 vaccines approved for children
  • COVID-19 testing in pharmacies
  • COVID-19 testing for students 
  • New measures for Ontario schools 


  • I am truly inspired by the family of Anne Marie D’Amico
  • Women4ClimateTO Mentorship Programme - Call for Applications


Friday, November 5 - Update

Queen’s Park:

  • Ford’s Fall Economic Statement cuts another $500 million from schools
  • Ford’s last-minute $15 minimum wage announcement falls short
  • Bill to take climate action through carbon budgeting gets our full support
  • I introduce motion to establish a maximum temperature standard for units
  • Take action: Opportunity to speak at committee about the number of cannabis stores in our riding
  • Ford refuses to mandate vaccines for health workers
  • Reminder: Feedback requested new government  long-term care bill 37
  • Reminder: Feedback requested on new government labour bill 27


  • Reminder: Global day for climate justice November 6
  • Reminder: Tune into EcoFair Toronto events November 4-7
  • Join ACORN’s rally & phone bank for inclusionary zoning and affordable housing
  • Applications for OTF’s Resilient Communities Fund open November 10
  • New ward forum with TDSB Trustee Chris Moise on Indigenous education
  • Clean up day with PARA Green Committee
  • World Day of Remembrance for road traffic victims November 21
  • Clean-up and rally with Don’t Mess with the Don November 21
  • Newly expanded eligibility in booster shots


Sunday, October 31 - Update

Queen’s Park:

  • Feedback requested: New government bill - Bill 37 - denies long-term care residents the change they deserve
  • Feedback requested: New government labour bill - Bill 27 - hurts injured workers
  • Sign and share my open letter calling for better protections for condo residents
  • Renters living in new buildings face big rent hikes as rent freeze ends on January 1
  • Our roads are still not safe
  • Show your support for new NDP bill to classify gig and contract workers as employees
  • NDP introduces plan to support nurses
  • Ontarians are still being denied access to OHIP-insured eye care
  • Ontario lays out reopening plan
  • New PCR testing program for school kids to start November 15


  • Tune into EcoFair Toronto events November 4-7
  • Global day for climate justice November 6
  • Take action: Help the TTC win back riders with lower fares and better service
  • Toronto Youth Cabinet Equity & Employment Sustainability Survey open now
  • Free Flu Shot available in November
  • Wishing you a safe and happy Halloween!


Wednesday, October 20 - Update - unavailable


Friday, October 8 - Update - unavailable


Friday, September 24 - Update

  • Our office is now accepting is now appointments for in-person meetings 
  • Here’s what you need to know about vaccine certificates and other vaccine updates
    • Ontario expands eligibility for third/booster doses of the COVID-19 vaccine
    • Pfizer seeking approval for vaccine use in five- to 11-year-olds
  • NDP urges Ford government to improve vaccine certificate program 
  • As harassment continues, NDP renews call for Hospital Safety Zones
  • Ontarians are being denied access to OHIP-insured eye care 
  • Upcoming Back to School Ward Forum with TDSB Trustee Chris Moise
  • Global Climate strike today
  • National Truth and Reconciliation Day


Thursday, September 9 - Update

  • We need safe schools now, including rapid testing
  • Vaccine Passports are starting on September 22nd 
  • We propose safety zones to protect businesses from anti-public health protestors
  • Ministry issues last minute guidelines for post secondary schools
  • Renewal of expired documents
  • Are you having difficulty getting a third vaccine dose? 
  • Where can I vote on September 20?
  • Join me at the Harbord Resident Association Fall Fair
  • Concerned about Climate Change? Here’s how to get involved


Monday, August 16 - Update

  • I support the mandatory vaccination for health and education workers
  • Vaccine certificates are needed in Ontario 
  • Here’s a breakdown of Ontario’s school reopening plan
  • #SafeSeptember
  • Ontario releases new COVID-protocol guidance for child care centres
  • We need $10 a day child care. So why is Ford doing nothing? 
  • Nicole Robicheau is our new federal NDP candidate!
  • Join Jack Layton’s Celebration 
  • Build homes for people not for investors
  • Volunteer with us


Friday, July 30 - Update

  • NDP demands protections for renters living in hot apartments
  • Getting Kids Back to School #SafeSeptember
  • Ontario failing to reduce surgical wait times 
  • Violent encampment clearing will not solve our housing crisis
  • More stunning revelations about the safety of Ontario’s nuclear reactors
  • Ontario Tells Colleges, Universities to Plan for “Normal Return”
  • Ontarians Want Action on Childcare
  • Join our upcoming food drive at Fred Hamilton Park
  • My conversation with Paul Taylor on food insecurity 
  • Toronto City Council approves strategy to reduce building emissions to net-zero by 2050
  • "Long Time No See": Call for Submissions about why Chinatown is important to you
  • Chinatown BIA: Summer Scavenger Hunt until August 9


Friday, Jul 16 - Update

  • Ontario moved into Stage 3 today
  • Join our upcoming food drive at Ramsden Park
  • ACT NOW: Help renters stay cool in their homes
  • Now is the time to fight for a safe return to school in September
  • Volunteer with us!
  • Chinese-Speaking tenant rights townhall on Thursday, July 22
  • Supporting the Wildseed Centre for Art and Activism
  • First Baptist Church Toronto invites you to a grocery and BBQ give away on Sunday, July 18
  • Latest news on the reopening of City Facilities
  • Survey: Telecommunications Industry in Ontario
  • Vaccine updates


Friday, June 25 - Update

Queen’s Park:

  • Ontario to enter into stage two of reopening plans
  • Another wave of grief for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit following discovery of 751 unmarked graves
  • Join our phone zap to support residential school survivors on June 29
  • Time for a plan and investment in Safe Schools for September
  • Renters want more protections to help beat the summer heat
  • Ontario’s laws do not adequately protect renters from illegal eviction
  • NDP calls for new, vastly improved round of local business grants
  • NDP calls for clear guidelines for live arts for Step 2


  • The Workers' Action Centre is hosting COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics for undocumented workers over the next two weekends
  • Vaccine update and additional pop-ups 
  • Garnet Flowers update – June 2021
  • Reminder: Free reading program with Story Time Adventures


Sunday, June 21 - Update

Queen’s Park:

  • Tenant Townhall Tuesday: Keeping our homes cool this summer
  • Ford uses notwithstanding clause to change election finance laws
  • Ford must take action to curb $1 Billion developer snapping up single-family homes for rent
  • Action Alert! Support my Speculation and Vacant Homes Affordability Tax
  • Say no to hybrid learning at our education community meeting & phone zap
  • Ford reshuffles his cabinet
  • UniRose businesses start receiving their grants, thanks to our advocacy
  • Join me in calling for Toronto to adopt a tough new municipal renoviction law 


  • Thank you for all your messages to the London Mosque
  • Let’s rally for Wine Rack workers!
  • Reminder: Know Your Rights at Work: Webinars every Tuesday in June
  • Vaccine update
  • Free reading program with Story Time Adventures
  • Happy Fathers Day!


Friday, June 11 - Update

Queen's Park

  • Ontario enters first stage of reopening, loosening COVID-19 restrictions
  • New Tenant Townhall: My apartment is too hot. What are my rights? What can we do?
  • Doug Ford invokes the notwithstanding clause, tramples on Constitutional right to free speech
  • Health care workers call for strategy to deliver vaccines to immigrant, refugee and undocumented youth
  • Ontario’s school repair backlog up by $1B under Ford
  • FAO report reveals Ford is planning $17.8 billion in government cuts
  • NDP calls for a ban on temp agency use in factories, warehouses


  • Tragic killing of Afzaal family renews calls to action to stop hate
  • Celebrating Indigenous history month 
  • Upcoming renoviction forum hosted by ACORN
  • RenovictionsTO now tracking own-use evictions
  • Future of Toronto's Golf Courses: Public Consultation on June 14
  • Know Your Rights at Work: Webinars every Tuesday in June
  • Vaccination updates


Friday, June 4 - Update 

Queen's Park:

  • New COVID public health rules are now in place, including the lifting of the eviction ban
  • NDP MPPs call for action in response to mass children's grave at Kamloops residential school 
  • New reports show Ford still neglecting nursing home residents, with no plans to help
  • Road safety measure Bill 282 passes with NDP support
  • Reopen and stay open: NDP calls for provincial funding package for local business and job
  • This week I introduced my motion to create a speculation and vacant homes affordability tax
  • Ontario appoints a new Chief Medical Officer of Health


  • June is bike month in Toronto
  • Happy pride month 
  • Get the latest vaccine news
  • Volunteer opportunities: phone banks to support small business 

Wednesday, May 26 - Update (PDF)

  • Two vaccine pop-up clinics in UniRose this week!
  • Schools, youth left out of Ontario's reopening plan
  • My new PMB centres youth in pandemic recovery
  • Tenant, father of two, illegally evicted from home
  • NDP relieved McVety is not getting a university
  • New report shows Ford’s failure to act on opioids crisis
  • Panel discussion for prospective candidates tomorrow
  • New reopening plan: What you need to know


Saturday, May 15 - Update (PDF)

Queen’s Park:

  • Ford extends stay-at-home order until at least June 2
  • We host a townhall on anti-tenant bill 276 and call for LTB reform
  • NDP road safety amendments to Bill 282 are rejected by government committee today
  • It’s time to safely reopen Ontario’s outdoor amenities
  • NDP calls for plan to vaccinate youth, speed-up second doses
  • Ford government fails to help Ontarians living with diabetes


  • Eid Mubarak!
  • May 17 is the deadline to apply for the COVID-19 Child Benefit
  • Save the CNE
  • Mandarin vaccination information session May 18th 
  • Vaccine eligibility updates


Tuesday, May 11 - Update (PDF)

Queen’s Park:

  • Join Our Townhall Thursday: Tenant Rights and a Fair Landlord and Tenant Board
  • Up to 85% of eligible businesses applying to Ontario’s small business program aren’t getting help
  • Tragic child death renews calls for safe roads
  • Latest education announcements raising real concerns
  • NDP urges Ford government to clear surgical and diagnostics backlog
  • Feds taking over Highway 413 assessment a step forward in NDP plan to scrap highway
  • NDP calls for investigation following long-term care Commission Report
  • Bill for safe drinking water for all Ontarians passes second reading
  • I co-sponsor bill declaring May 10 an Anti-Asian Racism Day of Action 

Action Alerts:

  • My new bill will make companies disclose climate change risk
  • Seniors should not have to worry about unfair evictions
  • It’s time to stop microplastics from entering Ontario waters


  • Become a vision zero youth network ambassador
  • New pollinator garden project in University-Rosedale needs your help!
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Town Hall for Toronto Residents
  • Latest COVID-19 vaccine information


Friday, April 30 - Update (PDF)

Queen’s Park

  • My road safety proposals adopted in MOMS Act
  • Thanks to your support, child care workers are now eligible for vaccination
  • We’ll keep fighting for more paid sick days
  • AG report shows decades of neglect set nursing home residents up for suffering
  • New order allows province to move patients into care homes without consent
  • Military has been called to help Ontario through the third-wave
  • More vaccines promised to hot spots
  • Anti-Tenant Bill 276 moving to committee, deadline to appear is May 6
  • Conservative MPP who opposed the creation of Greenbelt now head of council


  • Congratulations Randell Adjei on becoming Ontario’s first Poet Laureate
  • Founder of Cafe Diplomatico, Rocco Sr, has passed away
  • Reminder: Join 15 & Fairness for virtual MAY DAY action, demand decent work for all
  • Vaccine Update, current as of April 30


Saturday, April 24 - Update (PDF)

Queen’s Park

  • Action Alert: Paid Sick Days phone zap in PC-held ridings
  • Ontario’s new Bill 276 punishes people standing up for their rights at the LTB
  • Is the Attorney General planning on taking the LTB permanently online? 
  • Ford government chose policing over policy, failed to keep Ontarians safe
  • Ontario Small Business Support Grant failing to reach UniRose 
  • Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health issues order closing workplaces with COVID-19 outbreaks


  • ACORN Support Network: Supports Available for Rides to Vaccine Clinic & Grocery Delivery
  • The Common Table offering workshop on ‘Homelessness in Yorkville’
  • New Programming at the College-Montrose Children's Place
  • Join 15 & Fairness for virtual MAY DAY action, demand decent work for all
  • COVID-19 vaccine information


Friday, April 16 - Update (PDF)

Queen's Park

  • New COVID-19 restrictions in place
  • Your questions about COVID-19 vaccines answered with Dr. David Fisman
  • Ontario schools close for in-person learning, budget cuts loom
  • ACT NOW! Vaccinate child care workers
  • Paid sick days, vaccinating essential workers key to beating third wave 
  • Ford’s triage protocol needs public consultation and must respect disability rights
  • My new bill would reduce microplastics in Ontario waters

Community News:

  • Upcoming tenant information session and resist renovictions workshop hosted by ACORN
  • The Power to Act: Climate Change and Proportional Representation


Friday, April 9 - Update (PDF)

COVID-19 emergency announcements:

  • State of Emergency & Stay at Home order declared
  • TDSB schools, child care centres closed
  • Hospitals halt non-emergency surgeries as COVID-19 patients fill ICUs

Community News:

  • Townhall Monday: What do Ford’s budget and latest announcements mean for education and our kids?
  • COVID-19 Vaccines and the Vaccine Rollout: Live Q&A 
  • Ford’s COVID-19 response failing essential workers and IBPOC
  • City of Toronto providing emergency child care for school-aged children of essential workers
  • Residential eviction ban is back on, tied to Stay-at-Home order
  • Ontario Small Business Support Grant feedback form now open 
  • COVID-19 vaccine information


Thursday, April 1 - Update (PDF)

Queen’s Park

  • Province-wide 'emergency brake' begins Saturday
  • Upcoming live Q&A town hall: What does Ford’s budget and latest announcements mean for education and our kids?
  • My new bill would reduce microplastics in Ontario waters
  • Seniors should not have to worry about unfair evictions
  • Ford passes bill allowing developers to ignore public's concerns before bulldozing
  • Conservatives say no to raising PSW wages
  • Ford government refuses to fund homelessness and housing crisis strategy
  • NDP MPPs urge the Ford government to act on child care 
  • Share your opinion on Ford’s Budget before April 7


  • Vaccines now available for age 60 and up, Astra Zeneca for age 55 and up
  • Deadline extended for Small Business Support Grant
  • St. Stephens’ Overdose Prevention Site needs our help 
  • Victim services and support available through MADD


Friday,  March 26 - Update (PDF)

Queen’s Park

  • Doug Ford’s budget slashes $4.8 billion just when people need help the most
  • Despite promises, arts organizations continue to fall through the cracks
  • More must be done to ensure fair access to vaccines
  • Conservatives vote down NDP motion for rent support
  • Ford government looking to make online learning permanent
  • TDSB takes Ontario government to court for refusing access to development fees 
  • Supreme Court decision allows Feds to tax carbon


  • Join us in reaching out to the community 
  • Upcoming tenant information session and resist renovictions workshop hosted by ACORN
  • Free Grassy Narrows virtual rally tomorrow
  • COVID-19 vaccine update and FAQ page reminder 


Friday, March 19 - Update (PDF)

Queen's Park

  • Tenants town hall recap: What to do when you’re facing an eviction
  • Introducing my new bill protecting seniors from rent hikes and unfair eviction
  • Ford government voting down NDP amendments for Bill 245 is bad news 
  • Cuts to school funding planned this Fall
  • Ford must fund child care centres before it's too late
  • NDP wants Ford government to pause OSAP repayments during the pandemic


  • Join Global Climate Strike with Friday’s for Future today
  • Demand paid sick days and reach out to the community during our Mobilize March!
  • COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ page up and running


Friday, March 12 - Update (PDF)

Queen's Park

  • Upcoming tenant town hall: What to do when you’re facing an eviction
  • As stay at home order lifts, eviction blitz looms
  • Fords housing programs are failing to meet demand
  • NDP releases its Green New Democratic Deal
  • MZOs should be the exception, not the rule
  • Bill 245 is in committee: this is what I’m hearing from you
  • Doug Ford is bringing big money back into politics
  • Ford government ignored advice that could have saved lives


  • COVID-19 Vaccine Information
  • COVID-19 Community Pop-Up Testing at Cecil Community Centre
  • Free Grassy Narrows virtual rally 
  • Mobilizing in March! 
  • Join Clean Air Alliance’s “No New Nuclear” campaign
  • Bargaining between UofT and CUPE 3902 moving slowly


Monday, March 1 - Update (PDF)

Queens Park

  • Ford government votes against paid sick leave 
  • Renters need more protection from above guidelines rent increases
  • Fighting for the right to housing
  • Urgent action needed to make schools safe 
  • Bad changes to land use planning posed in Bill 245
  • Planned changes to election laws will double max donation limits
  • Provincial vaccine update and timelines
  • Triage protocols must be made in consultation with people with disabilities, AODA


  • Pop-up COVID-19 testing at Cecil Community Centre 
  • March 4 is the deadline to submit comments on Dominion Foundry buildings 


Friday, February 19 - Update (PDF)

Queens Park

  • NDP introduces 9 urgent bills, Ford government shuts them all down
  • Join in the call for No COVID evictions
  • Now is the time to reform WSIB
  • Ford government introduces an omnibus bill, changes to the justice system
  • Doug Ford’s highway 413 threatens the Greenbelt
  • Human rights activist Karima Mehrab remembered

Community Updates

  • Wishing everyone a happy Lunar New Year
  • It’s official! I’m your NDP candidate for the 2022 provincial election
  • Kensington Market BIA condemns unsafe protests
  • Toronto City Council approves 2021 budget
  • Upcoming workshop on resisting renovictions hosted by ACORN

Monday, February 8 - Update (PDF)

  • I am excited to begin my role as critic for housing, tenant rights, and urban planning  
  • Vaccine Q&A with Dr. Mattew Muller 
  • Call for paid sick days continues to grow 
  • In-person learning resumes February 16 
  • Ford’s autism program is failing kids 
  • Airbnb rules must be properly enforced
  • Drivers who kill, injure face little consequence 
  • Construction noise continues to strain residents 
  • Temporary injunction halts demolition of the Foundry

Friday, January 29 - Update (PDF)

  • Day of action for paid sick leave February 4
  • Ford government failed to make schools safe
  • Have questions about the vaccine and the vaccine rollout? I want to hear from you! 
  • Doctors, advocates call for an overhaul of LTC 
  • Eligibility for free emergency child care extended 
  • Registration for FMTA’s virtual tenant school now open
  • COVID-19 webinar with the TCDSB 
  • Free mental health support available through BounceBack program 

Sunday, January 24 - Update (PDF)

  • Join me in demanding a safe return to school
  • Vaccine rollout has been dangerously slow
  • Local groups working to save the Foundry steamrolled by MZO
  • NDP calls for more transit, less crowding
  • Support for Learners funding available 

Friday, January 15 - Update (PDF)

  • State of emergency in effect
  • New lockdown measures disproportionately hurt BIPOC folks
  • Residential eviction ban marred by loopholes
  • It’s time for permanent paid sick leave
  • Ford must pay municipalities to cap ridership on transit
  • Ontario program for small businesses up and running
  • Upcoming forum with TDSB Trustee Chris Moise

Friday, January 8 - Update (PDF)

  • Ontario’s vaccine rollout sluggish, plagued with issues
  • In-person school closures extended 
  • COVID-19 outbreak at St. George Community Care raises alarm 
  • Korean community fights Rykka purchase of Rose of Sharon
  • Toronto publishes workplace COVID-19 outbreaks, province must follow
  • Commercial eviction ban extended until April 2022

Wednesday, December 23 - Update (PDF)

  • Holiday office hours
  • Public health update and lockdown guidance
  • Child care centres in need of urgent support
  • I support Keep Transit Moving’s call for increased federal funding 
  • Service for loved ones lost to COVID-19
  • Toronto Public Health holiday guide 

Friday, December 11 - Update (PDF) 

  • Auditor general report investigates retirement homes, lax condos rules, and more
  • Annual environmental report shows Ford is failing the environment
  • NDP eviction ban passes unanimously, now it must be enforced
  • Ford passes dangerous law overriding environmental protections
  • I introduce a motion calling for fair fare integration across the GTHA 
  • Our housing town hall furthers call for homes you can afford
  • Ghost Bike mourns death of woman killed cycling on Dufferin St
  • Order your “I Shop L❤️cal” sign to help save Main Street
  • Nominate someone for our University-Rosedale community awards
  • Applications for our constituency assistant position are still open 
  • NDP announces BIPOC Victory Fund to nominate and elect diverse candidates

Friday, December 4 - Update (PDF)

  • Ford Government votes down our bill to make the Chief Medical Officer independent 
  • Our bill to ban evictions during the pandemic goes to a vote on Dec 9 
  • Government votes down our motions for affordable housing, community benefits in transit bill
  • Our bill to prepare our health system for climate change is voted down 
  • Government listens to our demand to cap delivery fees, but shortfalls remain 
  • Stop Ford from making last-minute amendments to let developers build on flood plains
  • The tragic death of three cyclists renews our call for a Vision Zero strategy 
  • Peggy Nash receives Order of Canada
  • We’re hiring a Constituency Assistant 
  • Grassy Narrows blockade reaches its 18th anniversary 
  • Order your “I Shop Local” sign
  • University-Rosedale Community Celebration 
  • Uni-Rose Community-Care Project/Encampment Support Drive, Sunday, Dec. 5th, 1-4 pm 
  • Mobilize Mondays! Stop Covid Evictions Phone Blast and Call to Action Monday, Dec. 7th, 6-7:30 pm
  • North of Bloor Mutual Aid Pod

Friday, November 27 - Update (PDF)

  • Share your thoughts and watch committee hearings on Bill 213
  • Ontario government guts Conservation Authorities in Budget Bill 229
  • Cap on food delivery fees is too little, too late
  • NDP Bill would give cities more say in pot shops' location
  • NDP MPP asks Human Rights Commissioner to weigh in on LTB hearings
  • Homes You Can Afford: Housing Town Hall Update
  • Flyer Maildrop, Sunday Nov. 29, 2:00-4:30
  • Mobilize Mondays! Monday Nov. 30 6:00pm-7:30pm
  • Uni-Rose Community-Care Project/ Encampment Support Drive, Sunday, Dec. 5, 1:00-4:00pm
  • GO Expansion Program: Virtual Open House Nov. 27 to Dec.11
  • Tenants Workshops this Weekend
  • TDSB Ward Forum – Thursday, Dec. 3
  • Welcome TOWinter
  • Congratulations, Dr. Ramona Mahtani!


Friday, November 20 - Update (PDF)

  • Further COVID-19 Restrictions for Toronto and Peel
  • Auditor General finds Ford is harming climate action, environment
  • NDP urges government to save Kensington
  • Update on PMB Bill 205 - Protecting Tenants
  • Join our Housing Town Hall on Thursday November 26
  • Transgender Day of Remembrance
  • Monday Motion calling for Ford to Condemn McVety
  • Building Transit Right – Roundtable Held
  • Government to develop cargo e-bike program
  • PIAC Conference this weekend
  • ABC Residents Association Hosts its 63rd AGM
  • TDSB Trustee Chris Moise hosts Ward Forum: Staying Well During COVID-19
  • BENA – Political Panel Video Now On-line
  • Rosedale Residents: let us know what is important to you!
  • Rosedale Food Drive a Success ~ “Who’s Hungry” Report Released


Friday, November 13 Update (PDF)

  • New Modified COVID-19 Precautions in Place Saturday
  • What does Ford’s latest budget mean for us?
  • NDP asks CRA for review of Charles McVety’s College “charity” finances
  • Build Transit Right - Round Table November 18
  • Commercial eviction ban in limbo, as evictions proceed
  • Homes You Can Afford - An Inclusive Approach to Housing & Homelessness
  • SAVE THE DATE - Join our Housing Town Hall on November 26
  • Join us on Monday at Queen’s Park to tell Ford to allow families to sue homes that failed to protect family members from COVID-19. 
  • Time to Care - Seniors Town Hall
  • TDSB Trustee Chris Moise hosts Ward Forum: Staying Well During COVID-19
  • Rosedale Residents: Let Us Know What is Important to You!
  • Mobilize Mondays!
  • Community Food Drive in Rosedale set for Sunday November 15

Friday, November 6 Update (PDF)

  • The government launched its new colour coded system for Covid-19 restrictions
  • Ford Releases Ontario’s 2020-2021 Budget
  • Join our Seniors’ Town Hall on November 12
  • Burch’s bill to regulate Supportive Living Accommodations wins Unanimous Support
  • Public Outcry Over Death of Trans Woman in police custody
  • MPP Mamakwa urges Ford fix dire water crisis in Neskantaga First Nation
  • Encampment Support Drive a Success!
  • Mobilize Mondays!
  • Community Food Drive in Rosedale set for Sunday November 15


Friday, October 30 Update (PDF)

  • Premier Doug Ford scraps ranked ballots in municipal elections
  • Time to Care Act moves to committee
  • Vermont Square COVID-19 outbreak continues to alarm 
  • Child Care sector needs support, not changes to ratios & quality
  • Renoviction Bill moves to legislature this coming week - on Nov 4th
  • Horwath denounces Ford’s penny pinching
  • NDP calling for education funding bump as thousands of students flee in-class learning
  • Ford must stop ignoring Neskantaga emergency and provide support now
  • More Small Business Round Table Updates
  • Inclusionary Zoning: Public Consultations Begin
  • November 2 BENA Political Panel
  • Mobilize Mondays!
  • Seaton Village Canvas, Survey & Encampment Support Drive
  • Rosedale Community Food Drive – November 15

Friday, October 23 Update (PDF)

  • Seniors’ Advocate Bill moves to committee
  • Long-term care and home care system is at least 6,000 PSWs short
  • University-Rosedale small business roundtable report back
  • Bill 205 - Renoviction bill moves to legislature floor on Nov 4th
  • I call on Ford to help the TTC buy new made-in-Ontario vehicles
  • COVID-19 orders extended to mid-November: dance classes with conditions now allowed
  • Wayne Gates call to make COVID-19 outbreaks in workplaces public
  • Bill 222 set to change the way transit construction takes place in Ontario
  • Scrapping ranked ballots was a complete surprise to local municipalities
  • ICYMI - It’s time to restore construction noise bylaws
  • Inclusionary Zoning consultations
  • “Mobilize Mondays”
  • Food drive in Seaton Village a success!

Friday, October 16 Update (PDF)

  • It’s time to restore construction noise bylaws
  • Weighing in on the Proposed Provincial Changes to Childcare
  • Local Small Businesses Continue to Struggle
  • Aging Ontarians Deserve the Best
  • Renoviction Bill Moves to Legislature on Nov 4th
  • ACORN Hosts Tenants Rights Workshop
  • Ontario Active School Travel funding available until November 20
  • Local Food Drive in Seaton Village
  • Seaton Village Canvas & Survey
  • Now is the time to follow public health guidelines

Friday, October 9 Update (PDF)

  • Local Small Businesses Continue to Suffer
  • Government Introduces Main Street Recovery Act; It Falls Shockingly Short
  • Devastating Conditions in Long-Term Care Homes Continue
  • Plan Launched Today: Aging Ontarians Deserve the Best
  • Bill 207 Moves Quickly to Public Hearings
  • COVID–19 Testing Sent to Private US Facility for Processing
  • Major classroom reorganizations to come next week
  • Presto Cards available at Toronto Public Library locations
  • Bike Memorial Ride brings the cyclist community together
  • Update on the Call to Turn City-Owned Golf Courses into Parks
  • Ontario Active School Travel funding available until November 20
  • Local Community Food Drive a Success
  • Moore Park Community Canvas & Survey
  • Now is the time to follow public health guidelines

Thursday, October 1 Update (PDF)

  • Ghost Ride planned for October 1st (today) in honour of the cyclist killed near Kensington Market
  • NDP releases Save Main Street plan
  • More than a Visitor Act passed to second reading
  • New reports reveal more delays for the Ontario Line and skyrocketing PRESTO fare costs
  • Results from University-Rosedale Education Survey are in
  • Toronto's West End NDP MPP's condemn the spate of sexual assault and harassment incidents
  • Join us for our community food drive on October 4t
  • Moore Park community canvas
  • Environmental groups join in the call to turn city-owned golf courses into something more

Wednesday, September 23 Update (PDF)

  • I introduced a bill to protect tenants from illegal evictions, including renovictions 
  • Ford’s rent freeze legislation is a good start, but Bill 204 could do more to protect renters
  • Ban on commercial evictions extended to October 31st
  • NDP demands developers pay their fare share and help the TDSB fix schools
  • Doug Ford blocks NDP motions calling for class caps of 15
  • I raise your concerns about the chaotic start to the school year
  • Now is the time to follow public health guidelines

Tuesday, September 15 Update (PDF)

  • Share your thoughts on the return to school using my online survey
  • I am calling for more testing sites as kids go back to school, lines grow
  • Toronto now requiring short term rentals to register with the city
  • U of T reopening plan generates controversy 
  • Temporary bike lanes are a welcome addition, but need to be permanent  
  • Time to turn city golf courses into parks and more  

Wednesday, September 2 Update (PDF)

  • Education townhall tomorrow
  • NDP Calls on Ombudsman to assess school readiness  
  • NDP urges Ford to extend ban on commercial evictions, expand support for small business
  • Ontario is allowing residents in group homes to leave for short absences and overnight stays
  • More is needed to ensure pandemic relief for post-secondary students
  • Nonprofits and arts industry struggle to reopen because of insurance barriers
  • Special Investigations Unit makes decision in the death Regis Korchinski-Pacquet
  • Federal government announces changes to EI and CERB
  • Friday’s for Future Toronto planning a socially distanced sit-in for September 25
  • Catching up with GreenPAC to talk about a Green New Deal
  • Nominations for Ontario’s first Poet Laureate now open

Thursday, August 20 Update (PDF)

  • Four Ways To Advocate For Safe Schools in September and sign-up for my “Get Active for a Safe September” Townhall on September 3rd 
  • Premier Ford demands municipalities look into replacing bus service with privatized cars in order to receive transit funding
  • Ford Government must act on OHRC Report and address deadly Anti-Black racism in policing
  • COVID19 should move Ontario to improve migrant farmworkers rights
  • Masjid Toronto Mosque has been the target of six hate crimes in the last three months
  • Funding for nonprofits to recover from COVID19 is now available
  • The Polish Combatants' Association Branch 20 (206 Beverley Street), is looking for your support

Wednesday, July 29 Update (PDF)

  • Ontario releases its COVID-19 back to school plan
  • Ontario releases its child care plan for September
  • Funding for transit, municipalities is coming, but when and how much?
  • Stage 3 for Toronto is coming, but bars and restaurants remain a concern
  • Visitation rights to long term care homes remain an issue
  • Ford permits 18-hour a day construction, causing distress

Friday, July 24 Update (PDF)

  • An update on our office hours
  • Time to make schools safe for a fall reopening
  • Child care centers are struggling to open
  • Bill 184 passed, what’s next for tenants?
  • New information on long-term care outbreaks and under-staffing
  • Ontario: it’s time to fund transit
  • Restriction of travel across Canada-US border continues

Friday, July 17 Update (PDF)

  • Pushing for a safe return to school
  • Bill 195, keeping emergency powers after the state of emergency is over
  • Bill 197, a “COVID-19 recovery” omnibus bill
  • Bill 184, the “Eviction Bill”
  • Federal government pledges funding to cities, paid sick leave
  • Moving towards a Stage 3 reopening plan
  • Important changes to long-term care, including visitation, funding and air conditioning
  • Child care cap increases to cohorts of 15
  • Declaration of Emergency extension sought until July 24
  • Latest in Toronto recreation reopenings
  • All city-led and permitted events in Toronto cancelled through Sept. 30

Friday, July 10 Update (PDF)

  • Economic Recovery Act does nothing to help families, small businesses, or cities recover
  • Cloth masks now required in all indoor public places
  • We are demanding a plan for Ontario’s schools to reopen safely and full-time
  • Evictions may begin as early as August 1
  • Bill 175 passes, advocacy for seniors must continue
  • Forcing migrant workers to continue working after testing positive for COVID-19 is unacceptable
  • Join the University-Rosedale virtual townhall on a green and just recovery this Monday
  • Toronto’s heat warning continues
  • Bill 171, the transit bill, passed on Tuesday
  • Toronto needs funding from the provincial and federal governments
  • Free online health and safety training available
  • New bill addresses health impacts of climate crisis
  • Ontario courts to resume in-person sittings

Tuesday, June 30 Update (PDF)

  • Major delays in Ontario transit projects
  • Virtual townhall on a green and just recovery
  • Appear during the Finance Committee’s review of COVID-19 
  • Action needed to protect migrant workers
  • Toronto City Council puts forward policing recommendations
  • Toronto's homelessness emergency 
  • Learn where to stay cool
  • Pools are open!
  • City council votes to make masks mandatory indoors
  • Canada Student Service Grant Program

Wednesday, June 24 Update (PDF)

  • What should school in September look like?
  • City of Toronto moving to Stage Two of reopening
  • Calling for an end to police violence and investing in Black, Indigenous and racialized people’s lives
  • Exposure notification app to be launched
  • Emergency Orders extended
  • Moratorium on commercial evictions now in effect
  • Immediate action needed to protect migrant workers
  • Ontario Government announces new math curriculum
  • Face coverings will be mandatory on the TTC
  • New funding available for Indigenous-owned small and medium sized businesses
  • Additional federal announcements

Wednesday, June 17 Update (PDF)

  • Social circles of up to 10 people now allowed
  • Act now to ensure child care reopens safely and affordably
  • A phased approach to reopening city-run child care
  • Toronto is in financial trouble
  • The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) will be extended for another two months
  • New data dashboard shows where we are in fight against COVID-19
  • Masks to become mandatory on the TTC
  • Temperature screenings now required for air travel
  • Advocating to prevent all commercial evictions during COVID-19
  • Key provisions of the Environmental Bill of Rights reinstated
  • New guide for employers on developing a workplace safety plan
  • Launch of SwimTO to help Torontonians access water this summer
  • New guidelines released for weddings and funerals
  • Culture and heritage sector up next in the Finance Committee’s review of the impact of COVID-19 on Ontario’s economy
  • Pandemic pay continues to be delayed
  • Pushing for transparency in important COVID-19 provincial decisions
  • City of Toronto working on a plan to reopen farmers' markets

Friday, June 12 Update (PDF)

  • Child care centres can open today, but will they?
  • The province’s plan for Stage Two of reopening
  • New rules for social gatherings and places of worship
  • Visiting access to senior homes will change on June 18
  • Federal government changes international travel rules
  • Recognizing Indigenous History Month
  • A big win for commercial tenants
  • No one should be evicted because of a pandemic
  • Ontario will appeal ‘extreme intoxication’ defense
  • New safety guidelines released for public transit
  • Plan for post-secondary education to resume in-person
  • Ontario lifting 30-day supply limit on prescriptions
  • Summer day camps allowed to open
  • Provincial parks opening up gradually
  • Expanded patio and outdoor dining coming soon
  • New City of Toronto COVID-19 Resource Map

Friday, June 5 Update (PDF)

  • Speaking out against Bill 184, and for tenants' rights
  • Anti-Black racism is a public health crisis
  • Expanded access to testing
  • Municipalities continue to face funding crisis
  • New Ford Bill sets the stage for privatization of long-term care
  • Ombudsman investigates long-term care
  • Transit delays and Bill 171, the Building Transit Faster Act
  • New electricity rates
  • Toronto Public Library to begin curbside drop-off and pick-up services
  • State of Emergency extended until June 30
  • Park washrooms to reopen
  • New requirements at Toronto Pearson Airport
  • Backcountry camping reopens at Ontario Parks 

Thursday, May 28 Update (PDF)

  • Standing up for residents in long-term care
  • Increase in COVID-19 cases and a new directive for testing
  • Data and map of COVID-19 hot spots
  • We need a New Deal for Toronto
  • Speaking out against Bill 184, and for tenants' rights
  • Emergency order extended
  • Commercial rent support program now open for applications
  • New hotline offering financial planning advice to small businesses and not-for-profits
  • New cycling network approved
  • Pandemic pay still hasn't arrived, has gaps
  • Ontario Emergency Benefit extension

Thursday, May 21 Update (PDF)

  • Classes cancelled for the rest of the year
  • Additional education updates
  • Testing continues to lag
  • Masks are now recommended
  • I speak out for small businesses at Queen’s Park
  • Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy extended
  • OSAP application process now open
  • Border to remain closed
  • Some park amenities to open this weekend
  • Recognizing Personal Support Workers
  • Watch our townhall on Work in the Time of COVID-19

Friday, May 15 Update (PDF)

  • I’m hosting a “Work in the time of COVID-19” townhall
  • Canada Emergency Student Benefit is now open
  • More workplaces to reopen on May 19
  • One-time Tax-Free Payment for Seniors
  • May 15 is lockout day for small businesses
  • Watch our townhall on Long-term Care
  • New COVID-19 testing guidelines
  • New list of PPE suppliers
  • Government can now take over LTC facilities
  • COVID-19 Emergency Benefit for OW and ODSP recipients has been extended
  • ODP prescription fees are being reduced
  • Quiet streets are coming

Monday, May 11 Update (PDF)

  • Long-term care online townhall
  • We need a public inquiry into long-term care now
  • Pandemic pay website released
  • What is Ontario’s plan to resume surgeries and non-COVID health care?
  • Electricity rate relief extended until May 31
  • Ontario eases restrictions on certain businesses
  • Provincial parks begin opening today
  • Rising incidents of Anti-Chinese and Anti-Asian racism

Tuesday, May 5 Update (PDF)

  • Some seasonal businesses to reopen
  • Disabled people demand more support
  • Cycling in the time of COVID-19
  • One-time increase to Canada Child Benefit
  • Eligibility expansion for emergency child care
  • Here’s the latest on access to pandemic pay
  • PPE issues in LTC homes continue
  • Access to sanitation and washroom services for vulnerable population

Wednesday, April 29 Update (PDF)

  • Ontario releases initial plan to reopen economy
  • New pandemic top-up pay for front line workers
  • Watch our online town halls on COVID-19 and Housing
  • Save Small Business
  • New BusinessTO Support Centre
  • Feds release commercial rent assistance plan
  • City opens up some roads to pedestrians
  • Schools closed until May 31
  • Ontario’s nurses win victory for more worker protections
  • Community gardens now permitted

Monday-Tuesday, April 27-28 - Townhalls on COVID-19 and Tenants Rights (PDF)

  • These townhalls featured a Q&A with an infectious disease specialist and a housing lawyer
  • Information and links to watch the townhalls available here

Wednesday, April 22 Update (PDF)

  • Join our online townhalls this coming Monday and Tuesday
  • New Canada Emergency Student Benefit
  • Ontario taking CERB money from people on social assistance is wrong
  • The Government should take over vulnerable LTC homes
  • We need race-based data collection now
  • New fund for community organizations
  • The Federal wage subsidy program opens April 27
  • Ontario COVID-19 Mental Health Network

Friday, April 17 Update (PDF)

  • Declaration of Emergency extended, schools closed until May 4
  • Long-term care homes need help now
  • Protecting people experiencing homelessness
  • Post-secondary students need more help
  • The Federal CERB program is expanding
  • Federal wage boost for essential workers
  • Changes to the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA)
  • Advocating for CERB applicants receiving ODSP or OW
  • Donate to help the City tackle COVID-19



  • 紧急状态延长,学校关闭延至5月4日
  • 长期护理机构亟需帮助
  • 保护无家可归人群
  • 高校学生需要更多帮助
  • 联邦CERB紧急补贴正扩大支持范围
  • 联邦必要工作人员工资上涨
  • 对加拿大紧急商业账户(CEBA)进行调整
  • 为领取ODSP残疾补贴或OW低保的CERB申请人呼吁争取支持
  • 为多伦多市抗疫捐献爱心
  • 今日的#COVID善举选登

Tuesday, April 14 Update (PDF)

  • More Information on the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy program
  • Government orders childcare centres to stop charging fees
  • Long-term care homes need support
  • Seniors need more help
  • Electricity disconnections are now banned
  • Changes to construction and workplace safety
  • Virtual wills are now permitted
  • New short term rental restrictions
  • Ways to give and get help



  • 更多关于加拿大紧急工资补贴项目的信息
  • 政府下令要求幼托中心暂停收取费用
  • 长期护理机构需要帮助
  • 老年人需要更多帮助
  • 断电措施现已被禁
  • 建筑工地和工作场所安全措施的变化
  • 在线立遗嘱已被允许
  • 对短租住房的新限制
  • 捐献爱心和获取帮助的方式

Wednesday, April 8 Update (PDF)

  • Information on the Canada Emergency Response Benefit
  • Our plan to support businesses
  • The latest news for families with children (online learning, provincial child benefit, emergency childcare)
  • Changes to the list of essential businesses
  • New guidelines to stay safe
  • How to help out



  • 加拿大紧急响应补贴有关信息
    • 面向非公民和永久居民身份劳动者的支持
  • 新民主党的企业支援计划
  • 关于有儿童家庭的最新信息
    • 在线学习现已启动
    • 省级儿童福利金现已可申领
    • 紧急幼托相关更新
  • 必要行业清单变动
  • 安全防疫的更新指引
    • 佩戴口罩
    • 公共场所必须保持人际距离的要求
    • 被指控违反紧急情况令时必须示明身份的最新要求
  • 如何力所能及地提供帮助

Sunday, April 5 - (PDF)

  • Mutual aid groups and networks (neighbourhood pods, community networks, city-wide programs) 
  • Specialized supports from nonprofits and social services
  • Emergency Community Support Funds
  • Crisis support
  • Volunteer opportunities

Wednesday, April 1 Update (PDF)

  • Information on rent and evictions
  • New mandatory physical distancing measures
  • Update on school closures
  • Emergency childcare
  • Post-secondary updates
  • Preparing to receive financial supports
  • Demanding support for health care workers
  • Additional announcements


• 关于房租与租客驱逐的信息
• 关于强制实施社交距离的更新要求
• 学校停课相关更新
• 紧急幼托信息
• 高等教育相关更新
• 准备获取财政补助资金
• 争取对医疗工作者的支持
• 其他公告

Wednesday, March 25 Update (PDF)

  • Ontario Financial Statement
  • Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)
  • List of Essential workplaces

COVID19防疫工作简报中文版: (PDF)




Monday, March 23 Update (PDF)

  • Improved COVID-19 online self-assessment tool
  • Province's order to close all non-essential workplaces
  • City of Toronto's declaration of a state of emergency
  • Child care for essential workers
  • Calling on the Ontario Government to provide income support

Friday, March 20 Update (PDF)

  • Job protections
  • Moratorium on evictions
  • OHIP coverage
  • Social distancing

Wednesday, March 18 Update (PDF)

  • Federal Government’s Aid Announcement
  • Ontario state of emergency:

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