Jessica Bell MPP, University–Rosedale

Government of Ontario

Stand Up for Well-Funded Heath Care

Published on January 5, 2024

University Rosedale is home to many heroic health care professionals, as well as Canada’s best hospitals, including Prince Margaret, Toronto General, Mount Sinai, Toronto Western, Sick Kids, and Women’s College.

I’m very concerned about the state of health care today.  Up to 400,000 Ontarians are waiting too long for necessary surgery, from heart bypasses to hip replacements.

There is a shortage of health care staff.  Nurses in particular are leaving the profession because they are exhausted and demoralized from being paid too little to care for so many patients during this tough pandemic.

We have a right to excellent universal public health care. Instead of underfunding health care, Ontario should be investing in a plan to clear the surgery backlog, and expand health care to include universal pharmacare, mental health care, and dental care. Instead of freezing pay for health care workers below the rate of inflation, Ontario should fairly pay our health care workers so they join and stay in the healing profession. Instead of permitting more for-profit care, Ontario should recommit to universal public health care.

Please send a message to the Conservative government calling on them to improve health care right now.  We will continue to organize with residents to protect and improve our health care system.