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ACTION ALERT! Help Carmen return home!

Published on December 15, 2023

Help Carmen return home 

Yesterday, Carmen was forcibly evicted from her home at 1442 Lawrence Ave by sheriffs.  The sheriff changed the locks on Carmen’s home when she left to pay the landlord the rent she owed, thus voiding the eviction order.

Carmen did not know she had been evicted. She did not receive a Notice of Hearing from the Landlord and Tenant Board, and therefore could not participate in her eviction hearing. She did not receive the eviction order made against her, and she did not receive the Sheriff’s Notice to Vacate.  

Carmen’s neighbors, along with the York South-Weston Tenant Association, began a sit-in at the landlord’s office to demand the landlord follow the rules and allow Carmen back into her home. The sit-in is continuing right now, and could continue throughout the weekend.

Once a tenant is illegally evicted from their home, it’s very difficult for them to return because Ontario’s rental laws are so poorly enforced. 

Carmen’s predicament reveals how hard it is to be a renter in Doug Ford’s Ontario. 

It’s time for real rent control, a well-functioning Landlord and Tenant Board that gives everyone access to a fast and fair hearing, and protection from illegal and unfair evictions like this one. 

Meanwhile, Carmen needs our help to return to her home, and this is how you can help her. 

  1. Tell the Landlord and Tenant Board to schedule an immediate LTB hearing so Carmen can make her argument.  Her file number is LTB - L-021805-23. Please contact Ian Speers, the Associate Chair of Tribunals Ontario at [email protected] and [email protected].  This is the LTB’s mistake, they need to fix it. 
  2. Donate to York South Weston Tenants Association @ so they can organize and help Carmen. 
  3. Come down to 1440 Lawrence Ave West and show your support for Carmen.