Jessica Bell MPP, University–Rosedale

Government of Ontario

Tell the Ford Conservatives to deliver on its affordable housing promise

Published on March 27, 2024
Time is of the essence. In just two days, Ontario could lose $357 million in federal funding that should be going towards building more affordable housing.

In 2018, the federal government signed a bilateral agreement with province to invest $5.8 billion into affordable housing. As part of the deal, Ontario pledged to deliver 19,660 affordable housing units, but has so far built a paltry 1,184.

The federal government has asked province to go back to the drawing board, rewrite and resubmit a plan to build affordable housing that matches the size and scope of Ontario’s housing crisis, or risk losing the funds.

We are calling on our housing friends to send a letter to Paul Calandra, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing ([email protected]) to demand the Conservatives uphold its end of the bargain and submit plan by the Friday deadline. Don't forget to CC my office ([email protected]).

"⏰ Urgent! Ontario stands to lose $357 million in federal housing funds in just 2 days. Despite @fordnation 's promise to deliver 19,660 affordable homes, only 1,184 have been built. @PaulCalandra, ACT NOW. Don't let Ontarians suffer because of Ford's failures."