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January 12, 2023

Save lives. Open warming centres now.

Two people experiencing homelessness have died from the elements since the December holidays. It is unconscionable our City would delay opening warm and safe spaces for people to escape the bitter... More
December 13, 2022

Sign our public letter to bring more safety cameras to Toronto

It's winter. It gets dark early, and the weather is bad.  At this time of year, people are vulnerable to being injured and killed on our roads. Evidence has demonstrated time and time again that s... More
December 12, 2022

Seniors should not have to worry about unfair evictions

In 2019, over 100 seniors were evicted from Davenhill Senior Living at Yonge and Bloor. The work we did with these residents helped us to realize that laws protecting seniors in retirement homes n... More
December 12, 2022

ACT NOW: Support MPP Jessica Bell's bill cracking down on illegal evictions

Ontario has an affordable housing crisis and many renters are suffering extreme stress and hardship, especially as rents and the cost of living continues to soar.   The stress of fighting a no-fau... More
December 12, 2022

Stop the sprawl

Building more homes in existing neighbourhoods is far more sustainable than low-density urban sprawl. It allows us to protect farmland and the natural envrionment, promotes more sustainable transp... More
December 9, 2022

It's time for the Condo Authority Tribunal to resolve the disputes that matter

Add your name below to send a letter to Premier Ford, Minister of Government and Consumer Services Kaleed Rasheed, and your MPP to call on the Ford government to pass MPP Jessica Bell's motion to ... More
December 8, 2022

Minister Steve Clark declines to support tenants threatened by eviction for using window AC units

In June of this year, MPP Bhutila Karpoche and I wrote to Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark to inform him about tenants of 130 Jameson Avenue receiving threats and eviction noti... More
December 7, 2022

Ford wrong to ignore rights of Ontarians to be consulted on environmental concerns: NDP

QUEEN’S PARK – Interim Ontario NDP Leader Peter Tabuns said Doug Ford’s government is wrong to deliberately ignore the rights of Ontarians to be consulted on important environmental matters, respon... More
December 7, 2022

NDP gives government report highlighting testimonies from social assistance recipients, urging Ford to double rates

QUEEN'S PARK  — NDP MPPs delivered a report Wednesday to Doug Ford and the Minister of Children, Community and Social Services highlighting the daily challenges of Ontarians who live on social assi... More
December 7, 2022

Community Recognition Awards 2022

This past November, we were able to resume our Community Recognition Awards in person. This is an annual celebration where we come together to recognize those in University-Rosedale who are making... More
December 7, 2022

NDP MPP calls for expansion of Condo Tribunal to resolve common condo complaints

TORONTO — NDP Housing critic and MPP for University–Rosedale Jessica Bell has introduced a motion for the Ford government to expand the jurisdiction and enforcement power of the province's Condomin... More
November 28, 2022

Ontario’s housing crisis will get worse under Ford’s new legislation: NDP

QUEEN’S PARK — Ontario NDP Housing critic Jessica Bell responded to the Ford government’s passage of Bill 23 with the following statement: “The Ford government’s scheme has one very clear winner, a... More
November 25, 2022

End Homelessness Now!

Everyone deserves a safe and decent place to live. People who are experiencing homelessness, advocates, and frontline workers have long been sounding the alarm that Toronto's shelter system is in... More
November 25, 2022

NDP Housing Critic calls for provincial plan to address homelessness crisis

QUEEN’S PARK — Ontario NDP Housing critic Jessica Bell is calling on Doug Ford to create an urgent and concrete plan to address the homelessness crisis in Toronto. “Everyone deserves a safe and dec... More
November 24, 2022

Save Green Building Standards

Bill 23 makes Toronto’s ambitious climate change plan next to impossible to achieve.  Emissions from buildings make up 61% of Toronto’s carbon emission. In an effort to do its part in combating cl... More
November 24, 2022

NDP MPPs urge government to restore rent control as housing crisis worsens

QUEEN’S PARK — NDP Housing critic Jessica Bell (University-Rosedale) and the MPP for Parkdale—High Park, Bhutila Karpoche, are urging the Ford government to pass their bill to restore rent control ... More
November 23, 2022

Bring back rent control

Rental prices across Ontario are shooting up. People are being forced to leave their communities because decent, affordable places are increasingly out of reach. The lack of rent control for units... More
November 22, 2022

Bill 23 leaves committee with some tweaks

On Monday, we went to committee to propose changes to Bill 23. Bill 23 is a pro-sprawl law that harms municipal budgets, farmland, the natural environment, and housing affordability.  Ontario will ... More
November 21, 2022

Conservatives kill NDP motion calling for housing plan for Ontarians

New Democrats propose solutions to replace Ford’s gift to developers   QUEEN’s PARK – The Ford government quashed an NDP Opposition Day motion Monday that would have urged the government to impleme... More
November 19, 2022

Bill 23 goes to clause-by-clause on Monday. Here's what's at stake.

Dear neighbor, As I write this I am in committee, listening to Ontarians speak to Bill 23. Bill 23 is a sweeping pro-developer law that threatens affordability, public services, democracy, and farm... More
November 19, 2022

Stop Ford's attack on democracy

The Ford government has introduced yet another bill that will bulldoze local decision-making. Doug Ford’s Bill 39, Better Municipal Governance Act, 2022 threatens democracy in our city by allowing... More
November 18, 2022

Community Recognition Awards Dinner

You're Invited! MPP Jessica Bell's Community Recognition Awards! To RSVP, fill out the form here! More
November 16, 2022

NDP MPPs urge government to pass their bill to prevent road accidents involving pedestrians

QUEEN'S PARK - -Ontario NDP MPPs Joel Harden (Ottawa Centre) and Doly Begum (Scarborough Southwest) are urging the Ford government to pass their bill, the Moving Ontario Safely Act, to prevent road... More
November 16, 2022

Ford’s latest bill an affront to democracy: NDP

QUEEN’S PARK – NDP Municipal Affairs critic Jeff Burch (Niagara Centre) and MPP Jessica Bell (University—Rosedale) released the following statement in response to the Minister of Municipal Affairs ... More
November 10, 2022

NDP calls for investigation into Landlord Tenant Board prioritizing applications for above-guideline rent increases

QUEEN’S PARK – Ontario NDP critic for the Attorney General Kristyn Wong-Tam and Housing critic Jessica Bell are calling for an investigation into reports that the Landlord Tenant Board (LTB) has be... More
November 8, 2022

Join our End of Year Party!

Join me, staff, neighbours, and residents at our end of year party to celebrate the year and enjoy the holiday season together. More
November 2, 2022

Ford’s housing bill threatens renter protections and affordable rentals

TORONTO — NDP Housing critic Jessica Bell (University-Rosedale) is urging the Ford government to stop its threats to renter protections and to affordable rental housing in Ontario.At a press confer... More
November 2, 2022

Bill 26, Strengthening Post-secondary Institutions and Students Act

Sexual harassment and sexual violence is a far too common and brutal feature of the university experience, especially for women, non-binary, trans and gender-diverse folks. It can happen in many fo... More
November 1, 2022

Protect renters. Save affordable homes.

Under the More Homes Built Faster Act Bill 23, renters living in purpose-built rentals are at serious risk of eviction.   Section 111 of the City of Toronto Act has saved more than 2,000 units of ... More
November 1, 2022

Annex Community Tenant Lunch December 3

FYI - The date of our event has changed from November 20 to December 3. Apologies for any inconvenience.  All are welcome! Use the form below to add your RSVP!   More