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April 27, 2023

Join us at our online condo town hall on Monday May 8

On Monday May 8 at 7pm, MPP Tom Rakocevic and I will co-host a virtual condo town hall for condo residents. We continue to hear complaints from condo residents who feel they have nowhere to turn i... More
April 24, 2023

Stiles and NDP call for rent control as a part of their solution to the housing crisis

QUEEN’S PARK – Official Opposition NDP Leader Marit Stiles (Davenport) and Housing critic Jessica Bell (University-Rosedale) will be introducing their opposition day motion this afternoon that, if ... More
April 11, 2023

Ford's latest housing bill doubles down on bad planning

Last Thursday, the Conservatives introduced a new housing bill called Helping Homebuyers, Protecting Tenants Act, eight proposed regulatory changes to Ontario’s renting and planning laws, and a new... More
April 5, 2023

Out-of-touch Conservatives don’t have a plan to tackle housing crisis

QUEEN’S PARK – NDP Housing critic Jessica Bell (University—Rosedale) issued the following response to the Ford Conservatives’ housing announcement today: “The Conservatives’ plan to make housing af... More
March 31, 2023

Cancelled. RSVP: Establishing a public builder in Ontario

Due to scheduling concerns, we are moving to one-on-one meetings. Please email [email protected] to request a meeting. Thank you for your interest. 
March 27, 2023

ACT NOW: Fund Ontario Schools!

Last Thursday, March 23, the Ontario government introduced their budget which, amongst its many shortfalls, leaves public education far behind. Unless the province steps up and increases funding, s... More
March 24, 2023

Dim Sum Social

MPP Chris Glover, MPP Kristyn Wong-Tam, and I are hosting a free community dim sum gathering. Come, have some food, and let us know how we can better serve you! All are welcome! The venue is acces... More
March 24, 2023

Conservative budget doesn’t deliver for Toronto, Ontario

The Conservative’s budget was released yesterday. Overall, the budget increases spending by 1%, far below the rate of inflation, which is at 6.8%. We will be seeing cuts in services in 2023-2024. H... More
March 21, 2023

Ahead of World Water Day, NDP re-introduces solution to reduce microfibres in Ontario’s water

QUEEN'S PARK — MPP Jessica Bell (University-Rosedale) has reintroduced her bill to ensure all washing machines sold in Ontario are equipped with a filter that reduces the shed of microfibres into w... More
March 21, 2023

U of T Roundtable

We are nearing the end of the academic year and the government has made some recent announcements that will undoubtedly have an impact on both the student and working experience at universities ac... More
March 21, 2023

ACT NOW: Stop microfibres from entering our waterways!

Microfibres in the Great Lakes are an increasing concern for the health of our waters, the creatures that live there, and the 14.5 million Ontarians who rely on them for their drinking water. The m... More
March 20, 2023

NDP urgently pushes for affordable housing solutions in budget

QUEEN’S PARK ⁠—  NDP MPPs Kristyn Wong-Tam (Toronto Centre), NDP Housing Critic MPP Jessica Bell (University-Rosedale), and MPP Chris Glover (Spadina–Fort York) held a press conference with afforda... More
March 17, 2023

ACT NOW: Make Affordable Housing a Budget Priority

Everyone deserves a safe and decent place to live.  Tell the Ford government that enough is enough. We need a viable housing plan now that addresses the affordable housing and homelessness crisis now. More
March 13, 2023

School boards face looming staff and funding cuts

QUEEN’S PARK – NDP MPP Jessica Bell (University—Rosedale) and NDP Education critic, Chandra Pasma (Ottawa West-Nepean) held a press conference Monday calling on the Ford Conservatives to address th... More
March 3, 2023

NDP bill would give condo owners a place to go for negligence, unfair fees

QUEEN’S PARK — NDP Housing critic and University–Rosedale MPP Jessica Bell has introduced legislation to expand the jurisdiction of the province's Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT), so that cond... More
March 1, 2023

NDP Housing Critic finds Ford costing Ontarians more in property taxes

QUEEN’S PARK – NDP’s Housing Critic MPP Jessica Bell (University-Rosedale) completed a scan of the GTHA and found that nearly every single municipality has been forced to raise property taxes as a ... More
February 27, 2023

NDP MPPs calls for stronger protections for condo residents

QUEEN’S PARK – In response to the Auditor General’s report on condos revealing poor regulation and oversight in the sector, NDP MPPs Jessica Bell (University-Rosedale) and Tom Rakocevic (Humber Riv... More
February 23, 2023

Condo residents need stronger consumer protections

This week, the Ontario Legislature’s Public Accounts Committee released a stern report calling for better consumer protections for Ontario’s 1.3 million condo residents. This joint-report, which wa... More
February 22, 2023

Stiles, NDP propose public solutions to Ford’s health care crisis

QUEEN’S PARK – Marit Stiles, Leader of the Official Opposition, France Gélinas (Nickel Belt), Ontario NDP Health critic, and MPP Jessica Bell (University—Rosedale) urged the Ford government to put ... More
February 22, 2023

NDP MPPs urge government to pass bill protecting human rights during emergencies

QUEENS PARK – Chandra Pasma, MPP for Ottawa (Ottawa West-Nepean), called on government MPPs to support Bill 47 and commit to protecting the rights of seniors, people living with disabilities, paren... More
February 3, 2023

NDP motion would restrict sprawl, save farmland

QUEEN’S PARK ⸺ NDP Housing critic Jessica Bell and the NDP MPP for Hamilton West–Ancaster–Dundas Sandy Shaw are calling on the Ford government to direct municipalities in Southern Ontario to build ... More
February 2, 2023

Ontario NDP calls on Ford to protect access to justice in Ontario

TORONTO – NDP MPPs Kristyn Wong-Tam (Toronto Centre) and Jessica Bell (University–Rosedale) called on Doug Ford to protect Ontarians' access to justice by implementing reforms before the Ombudsman ... More
February 1, 2023

Rally to Stop the Privatization of Health Care

We know the Ford government has created a crisis in our health care system by grossly underfunding it, capping workers' wages, and driving health care professionals out of the system.  We see it e... More
February 1, 2023

We're hiring a temporary full-time staff person

Our office is hiring a temporary full-time staff person to manage our case work files and support our outreach work.  If you are interested in the position please apply as soon as you can. The posi... More
January 31, 2023

Stop harmful sprawl, protect farmland

Ontario municipalities are being forced to redraw their urban borders to replace precious farmland with unsustainable sprawl. We need to build more homes in Ontario, but not like this.  Instead of... More
January 31, 2023

NDP asks Ford government to investigate Airbnb, crack down on illegal short-term rentals

QUEEN’S PARK — Ontario NDP Housing critic Jessica Bell (University—Rosedale) is calling on the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing to investigate and crack down on illegal short-term rentals ... More
January 31, 2023

Tell Premier Ford to crack down on illegal short-term rentals

Toronto has long been a battleground between investors who want to make a lot of money and renters who just want a home. Right now, there are over 12,000 short-term rentals advertised on Airbnb... More
January 27, 2023

Short Term Rentals Hurt Housing Affordability

Toronto has a housing affordability crisis. Far too many of us are paying too much to rent, and can no longer afford to live in our city. Currently, there are 12,000 short-term rentals on the marke... More
January 26, 2023

Toronto MPP urges City to expand speed camera program

TORONTO — The NDP MPP for University—Rosedale Jessica Bell is calling on John Tory and Toronto City Council to expand Toronto’s Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) program to make the city’s streets ... More
January 20, 2023

ACTION ALERT! Hands off the Greenbelt!

ACTION ALERT! Join me this coming Monday, January 23 at 12pm in front of the Sheraton Centre (123 Queen St W) to stand in solidarity with as they lead the way to “Keep The ... More