Jessica Bell MPP, University–Rosedale

Government of Ontario

ACT NOW: Permanent Paid Sick Leave

Published on January 29, 2021

It’s time to pass Ontario's NDP Peggy Sattler's Stay Home If You Are Sick Act to ensure any Ontarian who has fallen ill can stay home without the fear of lost wages.


To join our phone bank on March 9, email [email protected]!


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Hey @fordnation @celliottability @MonteMcNaughton ON workers urgently need #PaidSickDays. It’s time to pass #ONDP #StayHomeIfYouAreSick act #PaidSickDaysSaveLives #onpoli


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60 % of Ontarians do not have paid sick days. If we want to stop the spread, workers need to be able to stay home as soon as they feel symptoms or may have been exposed without the fear of losing income. 

It’s time to legislate paid sick days in Ontario and pass @PeggySattlerMPP Stay Home if You Are Sick Act.


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ON workers urgently need #PaidSickDays. It’s time to pass #ONDP #StayHomeIfYouAreSick act #PaidSickDaysSaveLives #onpoli



Premier Ford - 416 325 1941

Monte McNaughton - 416-326-7600

Chrisine Elliott - 416-327-4300



My name is YOUR NAME and I'm calling on you to support Peggy Sattler's bill to guarantee paid sick days. 

It’s time to stop fighting expert recommendations and delaying action. We need this legislation passed immediately.

On February 16, I want you to pass Bill 236.

Thank you.