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Take Action Roundtable on Road Safety and the MOMS Act

Published on April 27, 2021

Yesterday, the Ontario government introduced Bill 282 The Moving Ontarians More Safely Act (MOMS Act).

While the MOMS Act takes positive steps to make our roads safer, the MOMS Act gives us the opportunity to introduce amendments to push for the safe streets we truly deserve. 

Join our Take Action Roundtable on Road Safety and the MOMS Act. The purpose of this roundtable is to give you an update on the bill, discuss what additional amendments we can introduce into the Act, and discuss what actions we can take to keep road users safe. 

Take Action Roundtable on Road Safety and the MOMS Act

On Zoom and Facebook Live 

5pm - 6pm, Tuesday May 4

RSVP at [email protected]  


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What’s in the MOMS Act? 


  • The Act gives Toronto permission to install safety cameras on streetcars to find and fine drivers who speed by a streetcar at a transit stop, putting riders at risk. Every transit rider has had the frightening experience of exiting as a streetcar and nearly being hit by a driver that has failed to obey the road rules. I, Councillor Mike Layton, road safety advocates, the TTC, and the City have been calling for the province to give the city the right to install safety cameras for many years.  In 2019, many of you joined me at a press conference at Bathurst St station calling for safety cameras on streetcars after a woman was injured at the corner of Bathurst and Ulster by a truck that hit her as she exited the streetcar.  Thanks to our advocacy, the province has listened.   


  • The Act includes key measures included in my Bill 148 The Doored But Not Ignored Bill to provide better protections for cyclists. Dooring is one the most common causes of injury for cyclists, but it’s not considered a collision under the Highway Traffic Act. That means a cyclist can end up in an emergency room after being hit by a car door, but the police aren’t required to report the incident or charge the driver.  If passed, this Act will mean that accidents involving a vehicle’s door coming into contact with a cyclist, bicycle or moving vehicle must be reported to the nearest police officer.  Thanks to our advocacy, cycling has become a little bit safer.   


  • The Act increases penalties for people who speed on highways and roads, including automatic suspension of a license if a driver races through a community zone.  


We would like to introduce amendments to strengthen the MOMS Act, including the Vulnerable Road Users Law into the bill to ensure drivers face tougher penalties if they kill or injure a pedestrian, road worker or cyclist. But to achieve these changes, we must work together. 


Contact the Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney and ask her to strengthen the MOMS Act. @ [email protected],  905-895-1555, Twitter: @C_Mulroney


Participate in Committee

The bill is at second reading. Here’s where you can submit written comments and apply to speak to the MOMS Act when it reaches committee. Please cc-us at [email protected] if you want me to share your concerns in the legislature or in committee