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Chinese-Speaking Tenants Rights Townhall 租客法律權益線上中文討論

Published on July 12, 2021

過去一年對於很多租客來說都是困難的一年, 在疫情期間湧現了新的問題. 為了提高華人租客對於自身權利的認識, 多了解租客可以如何組織團結起來, 以及殘障人士的住屋權益, 我們辦公室將會在七月二十二日, 星期四下午兩點到四點舉行租客權益講座. 該講座將會以廣東話以及普通話進行, 我們同時會提供中英翻譯.

本次講座將會分兩小組進行. 請按這裡註冊.


主講者: Jenny Quan, 法律輔導員, 華越柬寮法律援助中心

主題: 租客法律權利 (廣東話)

Jenny 在華人社區從事社區法律工作超過三十年. Jenny 將會討論租客的法律權益, 以及在<安省租客法案>常見的相關問題.

主講者: 貝詩雅, 新民主黨安省省議員, 大學—玫瑰谷選區

主題: 省議員辦公室提供的服務


主講者: 貝詩雅, 新民主黨安省省議員, 大學—玫瑰谷選區

主題: 省議員辦公室提供的服務

主講者: Shawn Xiao, 租客團結組織者

主題: 華人租客可以如何組織團結起來 (普通話)

Shawn會分享他自己在華人社區組織租客團結. 租客在爭取自己權利的時候並不是孤單作戰的. 在社區中有免費的服務和資源, 社區成員之間也能互相支持.

主講者: Rain Chan, 社區組織者

主題: 無障礙居住

Rain 會討論殘障朋友在居住方面常遇到的障礙.

如有其他問題, 請聯絡屈小姐, 電話: 437-370-1733, 電郵地址: [email protected]



This past year has been a difficult period for many tenants. New issues have emerged during the pandemic. To raise awareness among Chinese-speaking tenants about their rights, organizing, and housing accessibility, we will be holding a tenant rights townhall in Cantonese and Mandarin on July 22nd (Thursday), 2-4 p.m. We will also provide interpretations.

There will be two breakout rooms. Click here to register. 

Breakout Room#1 in Cantonese:

Speaker: Jenny Quan, Community Legal Worker, Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic (CSALC).

Topics: Tenant Legal Rights

Jenny is an experienced community legal worker who has been serving the Chinese communities for over 30 years. Jenny will discuss tenant rights and common issues covered by the Ontario’s Residential Tenancy Act.

Speaker: Jessica Bell, MPP, University-Rosedale

Topics: Services that MPP Bell’s office provides


Breakout Room#2 in Mandarin and Cantonese:

Speaker: Jessica Bell, MPP, University-Rosedale

Topics: Services that MPP Bell’s office provides

Speaker: Shawn Xiao, Tenant Organizer

Topics: Tenant Organizing in Chinese Communities (in Mandarin)

Shawn will share his own experience of tenant organizing. Tenants are not lonely in the process of fight for their rights. There are free services, community supports, and resources available.

Speaker: Rain Chan, Community Organizer

Topics: Accessibility in Housing

Rain will discuss common accessibility issues in housing for community members with disability.

Click here to register. 

For more information, please contact Chi Cheng at 437-370-1733, [email protected]

Chi Cheng can speak Cantonese, English, and Mandarin.