Jessica Bell MPP, University–Rosedale

Government of Ontario

Action Alert! Demand the government pass Bill 54 to protect vulnerable road users now.

Published on March 3, 2022

Send a message to Minister Mulroney and House Leader Paul Calandra now!

Demand the government pass Bill 54 to protect vulnerable road users now. 

Bill 54, the Vulnerable Road Users Law (VRUL) if approved, would include additional penalties for any careless driver that, while breaking offences under the Highway Traffic Act, kills or injures a pedestrian, cyclist or road worker. We need to make sure this becomes law in Ontario. We have waited long enough. 

On Nov. 24, 2021, Bill 54 passed second reading with the approval of all parties and was referred to the Standing Committee on Justice Policy for further consideration. We need the VRUL to move through the legislative process now so this bill can become law before the election. 

Strengthening Ontario's laws is essential because too many children, seniors, workers, and pedestrians are being injured and dying on our roads. This upward trend is unacceptable, and we must do everything possible to save Ontario residents from being senselessly killed and injured on our roads.

Fill out the form below to send a message to the Minister of Transportation and House Leader Paul Calandra and your local MPP to show your support for vulnerable road users and safe roads now! Make Bill 54 Law now.