Jessica Bell MPP, University–Rosedale

Government of Ontario

Bring Back the Buses to York University

In 2018, GO and York region buses used to take riders directly to the centre of the York University Keele Campus, but now they drop riders off at a TTC subway stop, up to 3kms away.

Many in our community are now forced to make an unpleasant and unfair choice: pay another fare to ride just one to two stops on the TTC subway or walk up to 3kms in the cold to reach campus.

Metrolinx and York University are secretly negotiating to return the buses, but talks are not going well. The Ford Government could step in and resolve this transit mistake any time it wants to, but it is not.

The delay is unacceptable. We must take action together to fix public transit to the York University Keele Campus.

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Whereas GO and York region buses have ended busing services to the centre of York University Keele Campus;

Whereas community members are forced to either walk up to 3kms in the cold to reach campus or pay an additional
fare to ride 1 to 2 stops on the TTC subway;

Whereas the Ford Government is sitting idle while community members are losing affordable and efficient access to
York University Keele Campus. This lack of action is unacceptable;

We the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

  • Direct the Ministry of Transportation to return GO Transit (Metrolinx) and York Region Transit (YRT/VIVA) to their original campus stops at York University Keele Campus.
  • Implement fair fare integration, meaning riders pay only one flat affordable fare to ride 2 hours on 1 or more municipal transit systems.

Will you sign?