Jessica Bell MPP, University–Rosedale

Government of Ontario

Short Term Rentals Hurt Housing Affordability

Published on January 27, 2023

Toronto has a housing affordability crisis. Far too many of us are paying too much to rent, and can no longer afford to live in our city.

Currently, there are 12,000 short-term rentals on the market that are available for for 28 days or more. This hurts everyone's ability to find an affordable home. 

I recently visited a big purpose built rental at 55 Gerard St that is hosting numerous short-term rentals for the astronomical price of $5000 a month for a 600 square foot unit.      

The agreement you have to sign to rent this expensive unit is not a standard Ontario lease, which is required by law.  It’s a lease that has you sign away your rights as a tenant so you’re more like a guest, that can be kicked out whenever the landlord wants.  I asked the legislative library at Queen's Park to investigate whether this is a violation of the Residential Tenancies Act, and this is their response. 

Didn't Toronto ban these kinds of short-term rentals as well? Toronto, after all, now has rules that restrict short-term rentals to your primary residence.  

Companies like these are taking advantage of a loophole in Toronto’s short-term rental rules.  These companies are listing these homes for 28 days or more, and Toronto’s short-term law only requires hosts to register and follow the rules if they rent their property for 28 days or less.  

I am calling on the Province and the City to crack down on these short-term rentals in investment properties and return these units to the long-term market. Everyone deserves secure and affordable housing.